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IE "It'd be nice to have key bindings for items".

For more grand ideas that could use the contribution or discussion from others, like "Player owned ships that they can add their own content to and...", feel free to make you own thread.


  • How about boosting the tutorial with the explanation given in this Discussion? I'm sure that could make it to look more happy
  • I was going to make an introduction thing at the start, actually.
  • Not sure if this is the place or not for kickstarter tier ideas.
    Have you considered a higher end priced tier having life time subscription?
    When I backed Atiel horizons, my $120 tier had lifetime premium account.
    When I backed Camelot Unchained, they started offering lifetime subcription at the $250 tier level. (per kickstarter, 36 months free, then $1 per year there after)
    Pantheon (which didn't fund) offered lifetime at $275 tier level. (I attempted to back at $375 for lifetime and internal access).
    with a primarily text based game, could also offer unique items. Maybe something similar is in game, but something about it is unique. Color, descriptive text etc.
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    It actually should go in but that's okay.

    I wanted to have the $200 tier include a 50% discount on all microtransactions, so it's like any additional credits you buy, and what you already have, is worth more.
    That's not off the table, but Kickstarter doesn't allow discounts offered on their site. I can still add something later for that.

    The reason I didn't, and don't, want to include a lifetime subscription is because when you look at other games that offer them, they often tend to be part of a "pump and dump" sort of strategy. They don't intend to have many subscribers beyond 1 or 2 years, so a lifetime subscription makes them more money, not less. WoW doesn't offer them, for example. Most games that did went F2P in a year.
    For LEWD, if the support is there, I intend to keep growing and growing. I intend to keep giving people a reason to keep supporting the game, so lifetime subs are really not good for it even if it is a very attraction option for some people.
    A subscription won't give a whole lot, but even so, it's like I said where I want to keep giving people a reason to sub to grow it more. You won't be missing out on much not having a subscription compared to most games with one. There is no grinding, so it's not like there will be an XP bonus to always have.
  • Gotcha. While it won't help you reach kickstarter goal amount. You could offer such a thing as a upgrade option on your site post kickstarter. Something like for $150 (or what ever) add to a existing account. For accounts above 200, add $50. and accounts $500 and over, receive as a free gift. Something like that maybe.
    I know Camelot unchained is offering account add-ons, post kickstarter. Stuff not offered durring.
    Shroud of the Avatar has a whole add-on store, that they add something new to every week, to help keep a trickle of money coming in.
    One of the executives from lord of the rings online, came out saying that lifetime subscriptions is a terrible idea in the long run for the game. That basically, you have to provide these people with on going support and services, that are putting nothing more into the game.
    Mark, from Camelot Unchained, basically said, that lifetime subscriptions would not be available post game release. And where offered only to get the funds they had to have to get the game off the ground.
    OK, going to the real thread now.
  • Markers indicating NPC's. I understand the random encounters wouldn't be on there but after quests are done I often forget where certain NPCs were. After encountering an NPC I feel there should be a marker indicating where they are for future endeavors. 
  • I've been thinking of that myself, but I'm not sure the best way to do it.

    I feel that people would be less inclined to just explore all over, and just go to icons that show an NPC is there.
    Plus there could be NPCs that are only there under certain conditions.
  • Only put the marker there when they are there. NPCs that come and go you would only have a marker for if you currently know of their position. So the chick that talks to you immediately when you get off the ship might always be there on your map, but the Taur or the Harpy may only be in locations when they tell you they are, be it for quests or whatever. During the day the chick who you fetch the shirt for may be where she currently is, but during night shes in her quarters or the mess or something like that. 

    My point being the markers should only appear once you encounter them. For mobile NPCs they may only linger until you move a few blocks away or the time changes. For permanently located NPCs they'd always be there, they just have to find them first. For random encounter NPCs you'd either have no marker at all or you'd get a list saying "I encountered the rapey-plant chick in this location X amount of times".
  • Oh yeah, having them only show once you visit them would be great.

    Nothing that can be added short time, though, because I need to add some sort of listener system to update the player on when they leave.  There's also the thing of like.. Well should the icon disappear when they're no longer there? How do you know they're gone, if they're on the other side of the Zone?  But then if you have it stay there, then disappear when you go to it again and they're not there, it's confusing.

    I added icons for the area that transport to other areas, though.
  • Can you add a feature that would allow the user to toggle images on/off? It would be useful for players that live with up-tight people, and that don't want to be seen playing a game with graphic sex scenes. Words are fine, they don't attract attention.
  • Aha that's a decent idea. Though I don't think I'd implement it soon.

    There is actually a way in every browser to disable images on a page.  I forget how, exactly, but you could google for it.
  • I think clothing could be made more useful - I know it's probably going to give buffs or something in the future, but right now its only use is giving you an extra line of dialogue when it gets ripped off when struggling in the plant encounter.
  • Ah well that's quite useful to prevent getting raped instead of asking for it, isn't it?~

    But yes there certainly could be stuff like that.  Like bodysuits with some lewd properties, or uniforms that identify you as part of something so you can infiltrate that thing. Will just have to figure out how to work it within content.

    For people without cocks that get the phallic symbiote, that's basically clothing that gives a cock.
  • -Color ocean tiles blue or something?
    -Color or pattern unsafe tiles differently? Can see why you may want to not do this and leave it up to the player to determine what tiles are safe, though.
    -nth'ing the 'mark tiles with npcs' suggestion. At the very least, the static ones right within the camp that'd clearly all be in QOL from the get-go? You can always add more sophisticated has-the-npc-left, has-the-npc-been-met things later, and still add this for easy QOL now
    -Maybe add a spacebar action to tiles with npcs, so we can reenter conversation with them without having to leave/reenter the tile? As is that's kind of weird, bulky, and slow.
    -(Lie) indicator on dialogue options that are lies?
  • Some sort of pastel coloring for tiles is on the list. That'll come in either the Alpha1 or Alpha2 client release.
    I don't think I'll make them different depending on dangers and stuff, though. I really want people to explore around, since there could be random things and such.  This might change months in the future, but it's how I feel now.

    If I mark static NPCs, I think it'd discourage people from exploring where non-static ones might be. People are already discouraged to not do anything that quests don't tell them to do.
    Far down the line, I might just have NPCs moving around. Then instead of things like Sluishtha and the Plantgirls being random encounters, they are things moving around that you can hit/avoid. I don't want to do anything like that unless it can be done right, though.

    "-Maybe add a spacebar action to tiles with npcs, so we can reenter
    conversation with them without having to leave/reenter the tile? As is
    that's kind of weird, bulky, and slow."
    Will add, but probably not going to put it on the UI because it'll confuse people about "explorable".

    "-(Lie) indicator on dialogue options that are lies?"
    There are some options that are clearly lies. Why the indicator?
  • just a character suggestion...

    how about something like a dragon???because who doesn't like dragons...especially alien dragons... 
    when the game describes it it should say "you see something around your size or bigger (in distance/headed towards you/standing there) that seems to look like a mythical creature. to be specific you think it looks like a dragon"

    just a suggestion...that would be a good one.

     - Have a nice day / night everyone :D! ! !
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    Can you add a feature that would allow the user to toggle images on/off? It would be useful for players that live with up-tight people, and that don't want to be seen playing a game with graphic sex scenes. Words are fine, they don't attract attention.
    I agree with this suggestion, but i would like to add:

    somewhere it can easily and quickly be accessed, that way if you live with people you can quivkly turn it off in case someone is coming in...

    none of us want that awkward moment when someone walks in on you playing these kinds of games...

     - Have a nice day / night everyone :D! ! !
  • Showing up and writing just to suggest a thing that's not much a particular content in particular as much as overarching consideration; an idea of introducing many small additions and changes thorough the game rather than some single big one - make the NPC, places, quest affect each other and player's choices, please.

    In vast majority of games of this type I can recall, previous kinks, scenes etc have no to little effect on a mob/scene/location unless it's part of some quest or it's NPC with 'relationship progression'. You can be a great hero, savior of whole kingdoms and still have weak monsters throw themselves at you even if you just shrug off their attacks. You can be a famous rogue, bestial murderer and rapist. Every NPC regarding every player in exactly the same way no matter who they are.

    I'd love it if player's choices would have some effect. It doesn't have to be much - a different line of dialogue, description, different item at the end of the quest, an extra option to avoid battle with some NPC if character during previous quest chosen an outcome that would benefit this NPC's group. Maybe even an option to threaten a mob into submission or giving up if player already defeated such type of enemy dozens of time in the location and is much more powerful or has certain fame/achievements.

    And even in case of NPCs, I'd prefer a variation of shorter, personalized scenes than a few giant erotic novels. Something that'd take one's kinks into account. Maybe even some NPCs could just greet a player's character differently should the knowledge that they have this or that fetish would spread.

    Maybe some NPCs would turn aggresive or some mobs attack player character more/less often depending on choices (could be also a basis for quests, possibly ones involving many players whose actions would change overall power balance of some places). I'd like to see smugglers or some cultists spreading a species of onahole-like worm/snake or other tentacle monster that is both sold on black market and sometimes dumped en masse on villages, ships and spaceports to subdue the local population. I'd like to see some group paying for hunting those things down. It wouldn't have to really change much, just chance of meeting such creature on some world, two lines of news about increased/decreased rate of said creature infestations showing up in TV special. Maybe some sexbot player can buy could be tiny bit customized - a slightly different way of addressing the player, a slightly different stylistics/looks of the chasis. Such kind of things.
  • @lurker That is most of the idea and a lot of why I made my own engine. It just takes a ton of content and work before it comes together.

    Though NPCs still aren't going to be omnipotent and know everything about you, especially from far away planets. You're mostly just one person in a big world. So it wouldn't be quite like you're saying, but a similar line of thinking.
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    If that's the idea then you're already a step ahead of an average lewd-text adventure maker as too many seem to simply make a world and then populate it with absolutely bog-standard uncustomized 'fight and fuck' enemies (when it only takes a few variables and substitute lines of text to make much more varied and long-lasting experience) and eager NPCs whose sole purpose of existence is to fall for the player character.

    I actually prefer if NPCs aren't omnipotent and the player isn't some great avatar of change wherever they go, so there's no problem here, either.

    Gonna check on the project periodically and maybe support it in other ways should there be some spare cash (joys of working freelance, eh?), possibly through this account or somehow else.
  • Well, I'm certainly not most porn game developers.
    And yeah. Keeping things to a limited player perspective is pretty important to me for various reasons.

    $2 a month is super little. :P But fair enough.
  • Skipable intro please.  Am aware that usually this will only show once because your progress will be saved, but still, people should enjoy the intro because they want to, not because they're forced to.
  • Tabbed chatbox, I dont mean zone/global. Have a tab for the server for all its messages. This will allow admins to comment without getting the message lost in other players comments
  • There basically sort of is puzzles with selecting or inputting the correct options in some places. They're text-based puzzles.  We do plan on adding more.
  • everyone seems to want to skip the intro, but the moment i saw it a few minutes ago i was hoping for a starwars type text crawl up the screen. it would be pretty funny, though i suppose it would be work for no gain
  • I don't think that'd be channeling the right sort of nostalgia. It'd set up for an expectation that it's like Star Wars, when it's not. :x
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