Content update(June 15)

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I added about 4000 words for an amphibious herm alien.  You can find her around the edges of the Wilderness zone. Not any story to her, really, but there's 5 sex scenes.

I also moved Kaeleigh and the female merchant into the Wilderness.
The quest that Kaeleigh gives has changed to sending you off to collect one of the shirts that a plantgirl has torn off.
The Merchant is the same, though I'll probably remove her. She doesn't really fit. I have some others in mind to put there.


  • Loving the content in this update! Any chance of a quick reset so when an option disappears in the context menu we don't have to recreate our character to try again? Also really looking forward to the new kickstarter (afraid i couldn't fund in time :( )
  • What do you mean when an option disappears?
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