More game issues over the next few days - LEWD

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imageMore game issues over the next few days - LEWD

Just a heads up: I'm working on some major engine level changes. So things and the game can be especially broken until I get it all wrapped up.

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  • It might be helpful at some point to come up with a list of known issues, just as much for your own sanity as giving us some idea of whether you're aware of a given bug. I know I like being able to have a list I can check stuff off of as it is fixed, forward progress always feels good.
  • @phaos there's been 5 major updates to the test server client and engine alone in the past month. So it's hard to keep track of known issues as they constantly change and sometimes an update creates new ones.

    I do usually list some known issues that are new for the new update in each update's notes, though.

    In the future I'll do this, and probably set up a proper bug tracker, but changes are so rapid right now and those get in the way of actually getting a stable alpha released.
  • Oh yeah when you're at the point of just trying to get everything stable and running it's better to just spend time on that.

    It does feel like the base framework for the game is getting a lot closer to being in good shape, and that might itself sort out some of the apparent bugs in the content.
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