Dev Tools not working in my browser, so I guess I'll post here.

Feel free to move this to a more suitable location or delete it outright (but please let me know either way). Unfortunately the limited dev tool tryout tutorial is not working in my browser. I'm using Google Chrome but after several minutes of waiting the tutorial still was not working. This seems to me to be less of a technical issue and more of an issue based on my slow internet connection. So I decided to submit some material here.

To show my writing background I decided it would be best to link to you to a story I have worked on for a while, which is available to read on Google Docs. I have some experience writing erotica (in the form of personalized stories written for friends). Unfortunately, the same issues that cause my computer to run slow also caused me to lose almost every file on my laptop. So instead please enjoy early access to a novel and use it to measure my abilities as a writer.


  • Well, if the tryout one doesn't work the main dev tool probably wouldn't either unless it's a port 843 issue because you have a broken firewall or router.
    So you'd be left with others having to implement your work, which wouldn't work for a dev position.
  • I'm getting the same thing. I tried to diagnose it but I just get the error in my chrome console "Uncaught TypeError: creightr.on is not a function" from dev.js line 33. works for you and people have managed to use it?
  • @allpentup that is actually a new issue that just came up from an update today.

    I fixed it now, though.
  • @Sadtaco awesome, working here. Thanks!
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