Alpha 1 pre-release Update 9 notes - LEWD

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imageAlpha 1 pre-release Update 9 notes - LEWD

This should be the last client and engine update before I put up the Alpha 1 release (besides new things that may come up and a fix to the last known issue at the

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  • So will the only way to play on the public server be with keys? Are the only way to get keys to ask patrons for them?

    Also did you hear about patreon being hacked? Do you know if the donors information is still safe?
  • @Vectorslip I will be giving out a few hundred to thousand keys in different waves afterward as well.
    Right now there's still things that need to be done before I can just let anyone play it. Plus I'd like there to be more content before opening it up more, too.
    Eventually it won't require keys to play on the main server at all.

    Yes I heard of Patreon being hacked. Only email information got out there, which still sucks, but not credit cards, passwords, or anything like that.
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