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I just recently registered in order to possibly get better access to notifications when this game goes live for non-backers (meaning poor people such as myself who have fallen on hard times) and found that I could submit a piece of writing that may or may not make it into the game. I also found out that I missed the writing tryouts, and looked at the tryout tool and realized that I wouldn't have been able to write something anyway. My writing is somewhat decent - my coding and understanding of anything that resembles coding is severely lacking. You could probably have a 5 year old who knows more about coding than me.  This works out though, since I'm not certain I have the time to dedicate to actually writing as many words as preferred. I figured I'd write something here, and if it makes the cut I'd be excited to see it when the game is available for non-backers. If it doesn't, then I know I have yet to reach the level of writing needed to entertain, and that's okay - my specialty is poetry, not stories.  If this makes the cut, I apologize to whomever is made to edit it, and code it to fit into the game.

Now that my wall of text has gotten whoever reads this in the mood ;) I shall start. (I'll try to put gender/race/size/body proportions, etc. like this - in order to make it a bit easier for the editor) My style of writing should be fairly easy to copy and whomever edits the writing can add their own to it to create branching paths and add things to it. Okay, here goes nothing!

You enter a dimly lit shop, well it's more like a workshop than an actual shop.  There are tools of various sizes scattered around in an unorganized fashion, and the place smells faintly of oil and electrical ozone. You stop examining your surroundings and spot a man hunched over what appears to be a metallic penis. He's using some small tool on it, and his face has a look of extreme concentration on it. Looking at his face, you notice that he has a lot of cybernetic implants, you're unsure if he's more machine or bio. His cybernetic ear makes a slight whirring sound as it twitches a bit towards you. "Can I help you?" he asks without looking up from his work. (at this point there can be an option to leave, or ask a question - perhaps commission a part from him if that sort of thing is available and this is a repeatable encounter. This time the player advises that he/she is just exploring the area and wandered into the shop - treated as if it was the first time in the shop if it becomes a repeatable encounter)  "No, I was just exploring the area and happened to wander in here. I don't mean to bother you while you're working."  The man frowns and finally looks up from his work. You're not surprised to see that he has cybernetic implants in both eyes. "Well, I was going to take a break in a bit, but I might as well take it early and refuel myself." The cyber man gets up from where he is seated and walks to pick up a bottle of some sort of fluid hidden near some more random tools and junk. He goes back to where he was sitting and starts drinking from the bottle. "Well?" he asks with a hint of impatience in his voice. "Are you going to chat? Or you just going to look at me?" You're not sure where to start, and he doesn't appear to be very sociable.  "What are you working on?" you ask.  He raises an eyebrow, probably one of the last few pieces of flesh on his face, and calmly says "A penis." You almost want to laugh. "Yeah, I could see that when I walked in. Why are you working on a penis?" He takes another drink. "Because that's what the work order called for." He takes another drink. You're really starting to get annoyed with him. "Yeah, but, why? Is it broken?" He sighs. "Look, you're a curious (gender based pronoun), but you seem to lack a bit in the brains department. I don't repair items, I create new ones. This," he says, pointing to the metallic penis, "is a request. They wanted to make a penis for their sexbot, excuse me, their cybernetic personality, that can adjust its proportions to fit whatever their user requires at a given time." He pauses to take another drink. "I'm a specialist. Anybody can fix junk," he almost giggles as he says that, "but they can't always create new things. Especially not to order." He starts getting things back in order on the workshop bench. "You can make an adjustable penis?" you ask. You're a bit shocked.  He puts away his bottle, and laughs. "You want me to make you one too? (gender based pronoun), unless you have a large amount of money and a sex.., cybernetic personality to attach it to, it will be worthless to you. Unless you just want a metallic dildo that won't be able to change size. I'm sure there are shops somewhere around here you can buy one of those at," he picks up the tool he was using previously, "and they will cost much less than this would." He focuses back on his work and you can tell that you've just been dismissed. You quickly exit the workshop and leave the grumpy engineer to his work.

I apologize for any grammatical errors, typos, and the horrible wall of text - this probably needs formatting and more than a few paragraphs, but I do hope anybody reading this enjoyed it, though I'm also sorry for the lack of sex :P. I'm sure it needs more work, but it's getting late here and I was writing this out while also playing EASHL with my friends on NHL 16. I'll check back and read all the scathing reviews after I get some sleep :P Please be gentle, my ego is fragile, it may shatter :P


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  • That is a job very well done @Lycanthromorphic! You went into quite a bit of detail describing the place and the dialogue is pretty darn good. Great job man!
  • Thank you very much @wildwolf74745 I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I don't know if many other people read it or enjoyed it, but I'm very appreciative of the praise I do receive.  Which at this moment is actually just you.  On the plus side, that means you broke my praise cherry, and I shall now stalk you because you're my first.  :P

    Like I said though, poetry is my thing. I find that because of my excessive amount of reading I do, I never feel like any of the short stories or scenarios I write are original.  Since I don't read much poetry, I feel like most of my poetry is original. Though, I often feel like I'm repeating the same poems over and over if I write too often.

    Anyway, again, thank you for the praise. I appreciate it.
  • No problem! XD *locks door*
  • Just leave the window blinds down or the curtains open and we'll be okay.
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