Game Update (June 19)

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-Items have been recoded and are now a more detailed object, containing a lot of data. The data is referenced and concatenated to form descriptions of things, as well as allowing modification of them.
-Updated tools to reflect the item changes, with an API to have scenes update them.
-Clothes are an item now, an thus appear on your items list. (Which is also a precursor to being able to equip and unequip them, among other things)

These two things come together, for now at least, to make it so your clothes get torn by the plantgirl grabbing. The amphibious alien will get your top and bottoms sticky. They then show on your equipped clothes description, and in what's used by the writing parser.
This same system will likely be used for genitals and such, like to note that your pussy/ass is already full of cum from a previous encounter.

It seems like something little at this point, but I'll make a blog post about it tomorrow that explains more of it, and how it works. I'm too tired to go into detail right now.

Update: This goes into more detail about it.

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