This month’s plan (in short, a slow month) - LEWD

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imageThis month’s plan (in short, a slow month) - LEWD

So, just an update: I'm mostly taking a break this month. The previous months I was sometimes spending 100 hours a week working. Some things were a huge pain in the ass, getting

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  • I've had some horrible experiences with Dwolla...
  • @Skolia how so?
    I tried to use them with one of my debit cards. There was an issue with the issuing bank and that usage of it but Dwolla permalocked my account anyway even after explaining the issue To unlock, I would've had to have the issuing bank send them a snail mail letter etc, it exceeded my 'hassle' meter so instead I just gave up. Was not impressed at all. Should've just went 'ok' and let me try to link with a different card.

  • wish i could have a free code to even try out this game as ive only just stumbled across it yet dont have enough money to fund anything
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