Test and Main Server Update, alpha 1.2 - LEWD

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imageTest and Main Server Update, alpha 1.2 - LEWD

Progress through scenarios is now saved between sessions on the client. (This fixes it describing something as unfamiliar when it shouldn't, and so on) Updates to the renderer. The starting screen now will

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    Would gladly take a key off someone's hands btw. Just saying.
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    Is the key I have for Alpha 1, which did work, no longer compatible with update, alpha 1.2. Do I need a new key.
  • What an idiot. All I had to do was refresh the page for it to change to alpha 1.2. Then I could play.
  • If someone could hook me up a key that'd be awesome
  • Hi there, I've been taking a look at the Dev tool and was probably going to put together a scenario in it to submit as I'm looking to write for the game. I've been searching for a project like this and definitely have room in my schedule to get more than 10k words of content into the system per month. After I get a good handle on how to use the Dev tool, I'll submit what I've got.
  • Hate to be the guy begging for a code, but... it would be pretty cool to have one.
  • @Fulca sounds good. Good luck.
  • This game looks promising. Two days til pay day... Unless someone generous wants to give me a Key of course. I hate waiting.
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