General question about playing

Hey there.

So recently I saw this wonderful piece of work & couldnt wait to play it.
Unfortunately I can't play it since I dont have a redeem code - hitting play button gets me to test server only where i need to be Patreon.

ANY Ideas how to play it? Want it so bad..


  • You have to pay, hope for a key from someone, or wait.
  • Oh great. Thanks for the answer tho.
  • kinda dumb to pay for a game still under development b4 even seeing it, but whatever.
  • You can read about it and see if it's something you'd like to support or not. If not, that's fine, but you'll have to wait as there isn't capacity for everyone yet, among other things.
  • So when is the actually free version going to be available?
    • Anyone with a spare key?? please.
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