Need input for stretch goals/rewards

I need to know what you all would like in return for the money you're giving toward LEWD's development.

On your account page, there is the form that looks like this:

That isn't complete though, but I want to get it finished up and available this month. Though, there's other things that are a higher priority like bug fixes, getting new writers found and situated, adding some new features that I want to add, and so on so it might not be until next month.
Plus, I need feedback before finishing it up and making it usable, which I don't have yet.

So, what would you all like?

There are both the rewards you can get as an individual, those are things you basically are purchasing for yourself.
Then there are the larger and more costly goals that improve the game as a whole for everyone, that would need to be funded by many people pitching in toward it.
You can see some examples of either on the image or your account page.

What all would you guys want, either for yourself or big potential features for the game that would need funding?


  • How about things that more then one person can pitch in and help, and when they do it effect a personal as well?
  • @Sheato can you give an example?
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    Being I haven't played it, I really can't give any 'good' examples. However I could give some rather generalized examples.
    There are different projects that one can pitch in - World Events, Special Events (like maybe a race track where you can breed space snails to run it and people can bet on it), NPC's, new Races ect ect.

    Now, people can fund those as they fund something they want themselfs - like More Character Slots, access to beta areas, mentor mode.. ect ect

    The Collective funds add up as people get individual rewards.

  • Alright. Thanks for the feedback @Sheato
  • I would love to help more, if you want/need anything just ask and I'll see what I can do. I am also willing to learn & try things that will help you if you need.  As I said on the other forum, sadly I don't have access to the funds to support via monetary means, but perhaps there is other ways?
  • Just spreading the world about it and stuff helps, @Sheato
  • Definitly.
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