Alpha 1.3 update, and new keys given out - LEWD

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imageAlpha 1.3 update, and new keys given out - LEWD

I've given a key to all accounts that were registered before August 1st, 2015. 4449 in total. If you have a key, it can be found on your account page. Each key is

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  • Dang, if only I'd have found out about this game earlier.
  • @TheSgt I'll be giving out more once Alpha 2 is out. No idea when that will be exactly.

    And of course you can support the Patreon to get in. We need all the support we can get to make this really great.
  • Any spare keys going? :c
  • Guess the way to ask for keys as to play has already showed its limit (more interest than available keys), knowing that with the game now on Kimochi, quite more interest should be raised.

    Not easy to find a good way to handle Patreon, the best one being to commit to keep ahaed (one/two week) for the patrons, or to simply go for a dedicated progress report (steady progress are good, getting to post about status is quite more needed).

    To be seen, one/two months as to next keys being sent ?

  • There are tons of keys out there, it's just most people don't share them.

    Maybe in 2 months I'll be giving out like 5k-10k more keys to people registered as well as a few hundred out to some forums/reddit.  Could be longer though, it depends on a lot of things.
  • I thought i was registered before august.. oh well. Thats ok. I guess.
  • Can someone give me a spare key?
  • I registered and backed through patreon the 2nd or 3rd. No messages through either and no email. It says my backing went through and it says I back it on both sites. Rescrape doesn't help. How do I get the key?
  • Can someone give me a key?
  • @ivylove12345 you only get a key when a successful payment goes through.
  • Any Keys to spare? :)
  • Just backed on Patreon. I hate having to wait two weeks to finally get my key, but hopefully the wait is worth it c:
  • @Akosi, you can link your account and play on the test server until then, though sometimes the test server isn't very playable given it's what we develop on.
  • @sadtaco I'll check that out!
  • I know this gets asked a lot, but does anyone have a key to spare? It would be greatly appreciated! :)
  • If anyone has a key they would like to give out I'd apreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  • Does anyone have a spare key they could share?
  • BF8F-FFF2-79E1-0AE6 - just 1 use thou
  • Any spare Keys? I don't think I can get one till next month. I'm on patreon but I won't be till next month unfortunately.
  • Any spare keys? They do seem to be in high demand, but I'm hoping to get lucky
  • Anyone have a spare key?
  • Anyone with a spare key??
  • Anyone has a spare key?
  • If anyone as a spare key and they would be willing to give it away i would be very gratefull. Thanks in advance.
  • Does anyone have a spare key? Please.
  • Here's my shameless key request post. If anyone has one I'd appreciate it if you could share. ^^
  • Been here since
  • Shameless key request.
    • Anyone with a spare key?? please.
  • Another shameless key request
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