Alpha 1.3, hotfix 2 - LEWD

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imageAlpha 1.3, hotfix 2 - LEWD

I want to reiterate that we're always looking for feedback on the game, and that you can post that on the forum. In developing a game, you sometimes see things a certain way

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  • The cancelations in Patreon may (in part) be based on unclear expectations. It is unclear whether the keys needed to play the main server are generated as soon as one becomes a backer or after the first payment goes through. If one expected the key to be generated and it wasn't... Also, there is a delay between the linking a LEWD account to a Patreon account and access to the test server. That could also lead on to think something isn't working and cancel. Both of the issue could be solved via a little more communication on what to expect.
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    @Leethar they do get immediate access to the test server which it says on the Patreon page. I'll clarify more about when they get keys, looks like I did leave that out? Maybe I can put it on the pledge confirmation thing on Patreon, too.
  • Alright there. The "Thank You" page did already mention about linking a Patreon account to your LEWD account, but I added the part about keys as well.
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