Single use keys for non backers that have account for 2 months?

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Maybe you can give a single use key for non backers that have an account for two months and don't have access to game? (Sorry for bad english i'm from Poland


  • kind of like a taste test?
  • I'm going to be given out 2 usage keys to the people that have been signed up for a long time when Alpha2 is released in about a month or so.

    I did that with the Alpha1 release or something. I gave keys to like 5000 of the oldest accounts. I'll be doing the same, but haven't determined when the cutoff registration date will be yet. Last time I think it was August 2015.
  • @wildwolf no like the keys that backers have but it can be redeemed only once so you can't give it to anyone.
  • @Sadtaco Btw i'd love to be a backer but i don't have money for that. :(. I'd also love to get a key but... Again i don't have money for that. I see this will be a great game! I hope everyone will love it!
  • It's fine, and I understand. It'll be a free game.  But right now it's in pretty early alpha and we need support to get it made well. So some people that aren't lucky do need to be patient and such.
  • @Sadtaco Good thing i am patient :D
  • @Sadtaco And maybe i will get the key for free before alpha ends and someone is generous and "lends" me one :D
  • I can almost feel the wink through the screen.....
  • > Matrix233
    > i'm from Poland

    1 USD = 3.8156 PLN
    (Yahoo! Finance, 2016 March 26, 08:19 EDT (UTC-04:00))

    Cost of Living Comparison Between United States and Poland

    At first, I was thinking: "Man, why are you begging? You can clearly afford this..."

    > Sadtaco
    > you'll receive 1 key for each $1 in the first week of each month after Patreon has successfully charge your credit card

    > Cost of a Meal at an Inexpensive Restaurant:
    > United States: 12.00 dollars (45.79 złotych); Poland: 5.24 dollars (20.00 złotych); Difference: -56.32%

    Then I took note of the second to last statistic on that report:

    > Average Monthly Disposable Salary (Net After Tax):
    > United States: 2,772.61 dollars (10,579.17 złotych); Poland: 785.14 dollars (2,995.79 złotych); Difference: -71.68%

    So yeah, I can understand why you're hoping to catch the notice of some charitable individual. Best of wishes with that.

    For whatever it is worth though, in my unsolicited opinion, Sadako-sama's game is totally worth the cost of a decent meal (and then some -- I can't imagine how enthralling it will be when it goes live) if you do happen to have some spare credit and cannot wait for a small act of generosity or for a bulk handout sometime in the future.
  • @LXX i'm not begging you just did not understand what i meant. And to the afford one i do not have a stable bills and income [don't even ask my job is hard af]. Also i'm saving some money for new PC [ hurtworld lags on lowest settings] and i want to start a youtube career so i'd need an microphone better headephones. So you see it will be hard for me because i don't want to just buy the keys i want to support for at least 10$ per month. So you know.
  • @LXX Sorry skipped the part about bills/taxes so you know that i didn't beg.
  • @LXX Also i forgot to mention that gasoline prices in Poland are high af
  • $5/mo is definitely more than I wanted it to be for test server access. It was $2 or $3 before (I forgot).

    The problem is that Patreon's fees are high and they're even higher on small amounts of money.

    Either way, it's not ready to have lots of people playing on it freely, so those that can't afford it right now just have to be patient and they'll eventually get to play.
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