Traits (Virtues/flaws) - which do you want to see?

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  In the initial demo, the only traits were your endowments. It was implied that these would be flaws as well, but I didn't have any of those to show. I'm thinking I'm going to change the starting stats(str/wis/fort/crsm) to be 3 or 5 in each, and instead of just straight progression there is more of an average baseline, and there are flaws which can lower your stats.
  For example, there could be a trait to have an exceptionally short character(4'-5'/1.2m-1.5m), which also lowers your charisma and strength by 1 each. They are flat reductions that'd apply after the cost calculations, so stats would become more expensive to increase as if they weren't reduced.

  The question is, what traits do you all think are important? These aren't just things that modify your stats.
  Having a short character, like in that example, may be able to fit through small spots for shortcuts. It'd also change writing when appropriate(obviously you won't be standing eye to eye to people much.

  I, at the moment at least, do not want to include things like lamia tails, multiple arms, 'taur bodies, dual genitalia, and so on for player characters because it's a heck of a lot of effort in the writing, so often, for things that most people may not use.


  •   I think things that handle your appearance and your effectiveness from a game aspect should be separate. Like if you want a short character and want that to have an impact, have a box to write in your height at chargen, and choice scenarios may present extra or limited options based on their size (example: the captain of the orbital ship Good Tides has a soft spot for short and busty girls, so having one or more of those aspects can present extra options through your charisma). I don't think it should have a direct impact on your overall stats, rather it should be something situational.

      I'd like to see one of those magical adjective/noun/pronoun/etc generators that blends your description into the material without looking weird. Nothing as crazy as CoC's multicolored windmill dicknipples or whatever, just simple shit like reading your clothes, hair/eye/skin color, race, sex, build, and so on appropriately. I'd also like to see a more expansive chargen, where you can input all of that stuff from the start, in addition to a freehand description for character bios that are just for people checking out other player characters.

      As for stats: What would you think of changing Strength to Force? That is, it would become the stat for all uses of force, be that shooting, punching, lifting, breaking, etc. That way a PC isn't limited to the literal definition of strength, but rather the abstract. I tend to like broader stat definitions in general just so there's no confusion or loss of functionality due to the "conventional" meaning of the term.
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    Well, things like setting your chest and cock size I think I'd still call traits, but they'll cost 0 trait points.

    I have been thinking of how I'm going to arrange them on the interface though. I'll need to put some sort of tabs/groups.  Like the whole sex thing is a group, where you can just select one of them. Other traits need to be made exclusive just the same.

    Having a trait modify your stats only for certain NPCs would be too complicated. It would be better to have the NPCs just care about the chest size alone, and not some combination.

    I already have the clothes reading in there a bit. I forgot to add chest/hips and such, but that'll be in. Difficult part is to have clothes, but still being exposed because they're so skimpy, but I want to have that.
    Having eye color and all those things are a good idea. Those are really straight forward string replacement. It's when you have really unique things, like two cocks, that it becomes complicated and needs specific writing.
    I also sort of think I should just let people write whatever they want for hip and chest sort of descriptions. I don't know. It gets rather confusing.

    Force sounds like you're talking about a domination trait. I don't like that as a name for it.
  • Yo, it's FMC from the forums.

    First of all, if you don't like Force, how about "Power"?

    Also, the traits I want to see the most... You kinda covered the big ones. I like playing short, flat-chested girls (underage or not, since I'm short and flat-chested myself), and having a game like this actually recognize that would be pretty cool. And I know individual responses for every trait would be hard, but way down the line (or if you get enough money on the next kickstarter), perhaps you could think about doing it for at least one or two?

    Other than that, personality types having a say in what you can do. Again, it might be difficult, but a 'pure, innocent' character obviously wouldn't say the same things (or do the same things) as a slut. For instance, with the 'Taur, an innocent girl could try squirming out and / or resisting the Taur's advances, while a normal girl might act the way that you have it now, and a slut would probably not even give the introduction and just ask for sex.

    I was also thinking about some non-text-altering things, like alchemist or technologist. There could be some things added that change combat and nothing else, like being an inventor that relies on the small, wrist-mounted dart gun they have to put targets to sleep in order to get past them.

    Anyway, those are some ideas. I have ideas of other, non-trait related things that I'd like to see, but this is all I can think of that's related.
  • Yeah, I do wish that it would "learn" whether you behave aggressively, slutty-ly, polite, or meek. It is quite a lot of extra content to write for each case though.
    The engine does support it, and if it does earn enough backing to have enough writers to spend time on that, then I definitely want to.  Otherwise, though, it's like 5-10% more content for each case, so 20-40% more total, with most people not seeing all that.
    It does bother me a little how, for example, I have the responses to Kaeleigh being really polite, since she's a bit seductive. Well, what if you character wouldn't respond like the choices? It's a lot of extra work, but will see.

    It is easier to add very specific content where it only shows for specific traits, though. Like uh, well someone technically savy could get unique scenes due to hacking something, like I plan to add on Outpost 833.
    Changing something around a whole lot for things that often come up is what's most time consuming, as they require a lot of conditional writing put in everything.

    As far as combat, I'm not adding that for the mean time.
  • Ah, having it 'learn.' But that means all responses would be open all the time, and people would react differently if you respond differently than what it's 'learned' about you.

    And like I said, I'd donate a whole glomp of money to you if I didn't need to keep it for myself in order to get a better comp.

    And I dunno. At least in sex-related things, I'm very... I guess 'subby' is the word, but I just like things forced on me -- so I'd probably play someone that would probably back off sex willingly and have to have others take charge (whether by 'rape' or just forcing the issue forward).
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    Well some do do that, like the plantgirl. There's the amphibious alien I'm rewriting as well.
    I've just had headaches a lot, and right now I'm watching the E3 stuff, so things aren't coming along too quickly.
    I do want to have the majority of content not be forced things, though. I like where you meet a character, and can form some sort of relationship first, more like Spajss Ajss. Just bam sex is too easy and shallow. Still, it'll be there both ways, as people have their different tastes.

    And I forgot to mention that "Power" sounds better than "Force", but when I think of Power I think more of influence, and that word overlaps with charisma, to me. "Might" would work, but "Strength" is rather traditional, anyway.
  • Well, yeah. I was just saying that could be an option for that whole 'it reads what you're doing' thing you talked about earlier. But like I said, if people didn't force the sex (even like the 'Taur, she 'forces' you a bit, but it's not all-out rape), the character I play would probably never get laid, although once she starts, though she may say 'no,' she really does want more. :P
  • Strength should affect things like the Event where you "Took initiative" with the merchant. If you don't have enough you can't do it. Wisdom I see an Event in the Outpost. Fortitude can just be the merchant or tricking you. Charisma we have for 'tuar. So yeah make it so things like that affect it. Height can affect things.
    Tall: +1 Str, -1 Fort. You can be more intimidating as to scare off the amphibious girl if you don't want to deal with her. Also maybe you can use the Str to overpower Kaeleigh after her Event ends for normal people. It could also make them "last longer" during sex or something like that :P
    Short: -1 Str, +1 Fort. They can have a history of being made fun of so they have to be careful not to get tricked. You can have them be able to make "bargains" better, get a better deal, have the whole "I would like to do this on a daily basis" thing active, or something. So maybe do that for the merchant. Plus when they choose "Struggle" for say the plant lady, they have a chance of escaping.
    Not solid numbers but you get the idea.
    For your actions affecting your "personality," you could try a number/counter system. Seeing as like at most you have 3 choices, then each of them mark an "I" into the system. Like say if you click on option 1, it marks it into say Slutty. Option 2 it marks it into Persuasive. Then when an event comes up, it can check your database and check for which one has the most marks then give you the Event based on that. Kind of like the whole clothing thing where the plant lady strips you, although that's more of a True/False.
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