Game and Content Update – September 19th - LEWD

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Game and Content Update – September 19th - LEWD

Game: Updated how the system works which updates the adjectives for writing parser descriptions on items and body parts. It's more powerful now. Updated the writing parser to use natural language clues to

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  • Bumping to forum.
  • The writing for the Spajss Ajss injector scene got wiped. I guess it didn't save to the database, for some reason...

    I don't want to rewrite that a third time. :\
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    Huh. Nevermind, it looks like I somehow saved it into another zone. I'll have it fixed in a little bit.

    I also forgot to add that a lot of writing was added to Gail (female researcher). Mostly additions for females. There's some easter-eggy stuff, too.
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