Is this stille alive?

I haven't had much time to check on this. Studies and job hunting are a bitch.

Right now I have finally managed to get some free time, but it seems that the servers for the game are down. Have I come too late? Is this already dead? That would be a huge disappointment. ;_;


  • Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't had the time or motivation to work on it lately. :/

    Plus, I don't think there is much of a rush, since a lot of people never got to hear of it.

    I put the server back up. There was some crashing issue with it that I hadn't gotten around to fixing.
  • I see.

    Well, hopefully more attention can be driven to the game somehow. Even if the circumstances look quite dire currently.
  • Hi

    I've just registered to leave a comment to this threat.

    I have to say that i was very impressed when i tried the game for the first time, in my opinion (as if anyone cares) both the concept and the game engine excels most of the porn games out there.
    I'm not a programmer, nor artist or writer, just a mere user.

    I could just recommend you to examine others' projects (i leave this link to a recent post from the creator of Overwhored about developing a game) and to take ideas about how to get help (money or not). Or even try that kickstarter thing. As there are many failed projects, there are others that succeed.

    I wish you luck and that you won't give up
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    Thanks for registering to post, it's appreciated. <3

    I'm glad it's impressive.  I think it is to lots of people, which is nice.  There were always a lot of comments in the chat in the game about that; it's a shame that not many of those people registered here, though.

    That is a pretty good post, though a lot is different here.  That's an RPG Maker game. He also mentions using other engines.
    I've played a number of these games, of course~  I also tried to get into Shangrila and some MUDs, but I didn't enjoy how they worked much.  I like nostalgic games, styled like from the "glory days", but those are just too clunky for me.
    With things like Overwhored and Slave Maker, they could sometimes be a pain just to download and run. I wanted to fix things like that too.
    So yeah, this is a big under taking~

    But as far as finishing it, well, the 15 grand I need from a kickstarter is just for the writing. I estimated that that's what it'd cost for a million words of writing, which I think is the bare minimum needed. I asked around with some visual novel makers and, yeah, 12grand-20grand for a million words is about the area.
    That's not money I need for me to do it, but I can't pay that 15grand out of my pocket. I don't feel comfortable taking that risk.  I can take the risk of my time programming, because I actually have a lot of fun programming some things. It's fun making things that haven't really been done before, at least not in a certain way.

    Even if I can get writing for free, I don't really want that. The game so far is made well, like you said. It'll get even better, since this is just an alpha. I want writing that matches the same quality. People that write that well deserve something for it.
    A few people have offered to write for free and tried, at least temporarily.  All the submissions but one just weren't the style of writing I was looking for, or the quality wasn't enough.
    There was one person's whose I liked. There's a few scenes of his in the game. But I think he grew unmotivated and I haven't heard of him sense.
    I don't blame him at all! But that's just how it is when people are working for free. You can't demand anything of free work. There is no accountability or structure to it.
    I need to be able to have writers where we can go through, discuss, and storyboard before actually executing it in a timely manner.  Not just people writing for free doing whatever they want.

    I do think one of my mistakes was doing so much in a short period of time. Most of these games are made in a few hours a week of time, over years. I burned out on it a little, while I haven't had the time to developing a following that really wants to see it finished. Though, I think that's also good to show how much I can get done quickly, at least.
    I'm just really bad at marketing sort of things..

    I think there's just 2-4 weeks left of work once I can dedicate it to it again.  That's not too long, but I need to get in the mindset to do it.  I still need to add quest rewards for stat points to give some taste of progression. I have a bit more content in mind that I want to add.
    Right now I'm kind of addicted to Path of Exile. I've been thinking I'd get back to LEWD after Christmas or so.

    I haven't given up. I won't give up unless another kickstarter fails, and I'm not doing the next kickstarter until I think it's ready for that. I'm just taking a break, since I don't think it's urgent to get it done right away since not that many people even know of it yet.
  • Many thanks for the explanation, i'm glad to hear you are willing to keep on the proyect, and that it is so advanced.

    I think most of the people (myself included) don't know about the huge amount of effort that is needed in order to make a game, even a short one. In your particular case which the game engine has been made from scratch, it's even harder.

    If i can make a suggestion, maybe an approach would be to divide the game in chapters. I don't even know if this is possible. But if the main problem is getting funds for the writers, i think it will always be easier if you have lower needs of money. As the engine remains the same and is only depending on yourself, you can add more quests whenever you get funds.

    Or maybe it will be better that you just don't mind me, i barely know what i'm talking about ;)

    Thanks again and sorry for the engrish
  • I finally got most things I needed to finished up, and can start working on LEWD again~ Hopefully there'll be some nice updates in 2 or 3 weeks.

    But yeah, most people use some really old game maker engine that I just don't like.  It's nice to just be able to able to go on a website and play the game there instead of having to download something. Corruption of Champions does that with flash, but that doesn't work on phones and you can't mod it.
    I want to make something new not just for my game, but so others can more easily make better text-based games too.

    I think once it's kickstarted, and I have the initial writers, that it won't be hard to find more.  People would want to have their writing reach a big audience of something that has fans.
    It'll be updated like an MMO typically is.  Planets and other writing can be added at any time. But yeah, how much writing is going to depend on how much support it gets from the initial kickstarter, and how much more I get thereafter.
    Even if it doesn't reach its full potential, at least it'll be something nice, and not just the little preview that it is now.
  • That's great news.

    Maybe i'm wrong but i think Transruption it's a more similar game to LEWD than CoC, at least in it's very begining, because now it's going to be a desktop game. And it's a long-term project too ;)

    Good luck
  • Transruption isn't javascript anymore? That's odd. I don't think I have access to the beta, so I can't really comment.  What I saw in the beginning was a bit similar, except it was more Eroge style.
  • the new plan for how the game will be, it will be a DESKTOP game rather then web (will work on mobile too). How am I doing this? It will be an Adobe AIR app
    Jovination dixit

    Also i've just remembered something similar from another game in development: America's Next Top Slut
    I decided that I will not use Flash anymore as I am tired of creating code from scratch. Instead I am using game maker studio
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    Ah that's a shame. I guess he got frustrated with cross-browser bugs that can come up with javascript. :p  And yeah, flash has a few tools to make text games already.

    I'm definitely sticking with Javascript, though. It runs so much better, and there's really more you can do with it than Flash with WebGL and such.

    Well, hopefully in the future people can just make games easily on my engine instead of those Flash ones. :p
  • I thought that all mainly issues with this kind of development tools were already outstripped, i mean nowadays everything has been made, so there should be always a solution available, but i see i'm wrong
    I agree that a game developer hardest work should not be to struggle with his tools
  • It's true if you want to make a traditional sort of game with Unreal Development Kit or Unity3D.
    Or something side scrolling, with Game Maker Studio.

    But this is a web game, and an MMO.
    There are HTML5 game makers. Construct 2 for example, which is similar to Game Maker Studio but for the web.
    I did see which has quite a few similarities, but I think my tools are far easier to use in addition to being networked.

    The only way to not run into "engine limitations" is to make you own engine.
    Some key things besides it being an MMO is that I needed to have collaborative tools so many different writers that have no programming experiences can all be working on the same game. I always wanted updates to content to be in the game immediately, without requiring a new version of the game. This means the tools have to be networked as well. Not many engines do that. None of them do it with something that's a text game.

    I also had to make an MMO server.  There are a few of those out there, but the free ones I've seen in the past were really awful. Even compared to most MMO servers for retail games, I knew I could make something better.

    The closest comparison would be some MUDs. There's many free MUD engines out there, but I want to make something that's much more modern, and with the tools that anyone can use.
  • I've just stumbled onto this game and adore the idea!  Thank you for getting it started and best of luck with the job hunting.  Terrific work! :D
  • Thanks. :3

    I've been trying to get more content done, but I keep having trouble focusing. The programming part is a lot easier for me to focus on.
  • Hello there, I found this game back when it was a kickstarter project. Couldn't afford to fund it then.
    You did catch my interest however with the play demo you had back then.

    I'm curious if you've updated the demo at all since the kickstarter, or how I'd go about getting the updated version.
  • Just go to and there is a "play demo" button right there.
  • good to know you have retaken the game
    so may the force be with you ;)

    i don't know if this is intended but the new blog posts doesn't appear in the forum threat
    also i can't leave a comment on them, i see a progress bar just over the "comments by vanilla" message but no form loads
  • Yeah, they don't show up until someone actually comments on them.
    I don't have time to look into that, as that stuff isn't my code so it's much more dificult to work on.

    I see what you're saying about them not loading, too. :/ That's weird. I see an error related to that, but can't find a fix. I probably need to update these forums against, as it's a beta. But it's still in beta since the last time I updated it, just a newer version. I was waiting for them to finally release a stable 2.1 version.
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    Just want to say I'm in total support of your game, and I find it really cool and amazing, but I don't think more people/backers/supporters will come until you have more stuff in it. For obvious reasons. ^^;
    Anyways, there's not really a time limit, as you've said. Just slowly building this game from the ground up should get people interested and coming back.
  • Yeah.  I've been busy with playing with some graphics programming the past few days. I was a little exhausted after adding so much.

    I might post the results on the blog if I get everything working and looking nice, which I suspect will happen.
  • Ack! I got an account just to ask this. XD I'm with errybody else. I love this game, even with what little is in it. (The writing and the concepts I find in gameplay are amazing.)

    I can't write much code nor can I really do much art. So I can't offer much help. But I do write semi-professionally and I'd be happy to help out free of charge when I can. (Not that it helps much but I figure I'd put the offer out there.)
  • I don't need help with code.  I write code like this really really quickly.  In one day I can write a crazy amount of code, but then when I try and write I can just beat my head on my desk and not even get 3,000 words done all day.
    I also don't really need help with art, because it's pretty easy to find artists that I like to contact them. Pricing for art is pretty competitive, and what it costs is well worth the work they do.

    Writers, and simply just more people knowing about this is what I need. So just spread the word~
    I'll PM you about the writing thing.
  • is this site alive anymore i keep going to the game just says its doing a massive update
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