FAQ. Read this first

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Q: Are these forums private?
No. While I've just messaged out the link to kickstarter backers, they're not private.
You're free to tell friends about it.
I'd rather get feedback from the would-be backers and have some more work put into the game before making these forums common knowledge, though.

Q: When will the next Kickstarter launch?
At least 2 weeks from now, I think. Depends when I feel it's ready. I am a little fatigued and need a slight break.

Q: Can direct donations be made?
No. I don't need the charity, or what have you. I need the 15k+ budget to help get the game made quickly. Without that much, I'm not sure I can get it to an open-beta state. I wouldn't want those on my conscience.
Once it has raised 15k, I will have something set up to contribute via paypal/dwolla/bitcoin which will also go toward stretch goals.

Q: How else can I be helped?
Just give me your feedback and ideas. Photoshop mockups can really help with your ideas, as well.
I really need help on how to present the kickstarter page better, to better put the point across on how big this game can be.
If you have feedback on pledge rewards and such, or anything else like that, that's all fine too.
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