The largest update yet

I'm still unable to leave a comment in blog's posts :( so i'm leaving it here, i hope that'll not be a problem.

I just wanted to thank you for your effort, this update sure is huge, and that "method of storing and manipulating event-player variable pairs" sounds as chinese to me, which become even worse when having a look at the event editor XD
i could not help but remember Wreck-It Ralph (king candy messing with the code

Also i wanted to make a suggestion concerning the ingame font size, since the game runs in the browser as webpage you just have to use it's proper tool for changing the size, but in my case some text is cropped ( most of the divs (buttons and text boxes) resize to adapt to the text, but there are some which don't, or so i think



  • Yeah, I was going to take another look at that today. Though I'm not sure it can be fixed easily, since it's code on something I didn't make.

    I see, that is quite a problem. In the next update I'll add a font size changer to the settings, and I'll try and make some things display better when the text is a little too big.
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