Five Free Fantasies

Hapto here, roleplayer, writer and artist offering five scenarios that have worked out the best for me in the past.  All free to use obviously - ideas have no value, it's only the execution that has value.
  • Mobius.  Deceptively simple concept - an alien life form that drinks cum and turns it into aphrodisiac.  And just like that you have an erotic loop - cum, receive aphrodisiac, get aroused, cum, receive aphrodisiac, get aroused, cum, cry you can't cum any more, receive aphrodisiac, get aroused, cum, beg for mercy, receive aphrodisiac, cum, feel your sanity slipping, receive aphrodisiac, cum, etc.  I've found this to be such an immensely powerful concept that I've used it for multiple roleplays and stories, the most recent one being the directly named 'Please, Stop Making Me Cum!' in progress here and here.
  • Error 4Oh4.  Machine logic gone wrong.  An android (or other sex-machine) who has been told/instructed/programmed to give their user the biggest orgasm of their life.  So they do, and it's amazing!  But in that moment the android has failed its programming - they've just given the user a huge orgasm, but there is still potential for the user to have a bigger orgasm at some later point in their life.  So the machine starts again, using more advanced techniques, everything it's learned from the user's bodily responses, and soon enough the user has an even bigger orgasm.  But again, the machine has failed, as the user could still have a bigger orgasm.  So they start again, stimulating more areas at once, using more techniques and tools and chemicals all to make the user have an unbelievable immense orgasm.  And failure, start again.
  • The Venus experience.  Another android concept, involving an ultra-deluxe, top of the range sexbot.  His/her warm, lifelike skin, flawless beauty, breathtaking body and intoxicating confidence are all only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as the crowning achievement of sexual science is between their legs.  Using advanced synthflesh, nanofibres, memory gel, other psuedo-science, the android possesses the most scientifically advanced pussy and/or cock in the known universe, able to change its texture, size, temperature and very design with micrometer accuracy and microsecond control.  The result is, quite simply, the best fuck of your life, with a pussy that perfectly moulds to your cock or vice versa, giving the perfect level of stimulation at any and every point to bring you thundering over the edge.  And then the android keeps on riding you, its sex constantly adjusting as it does, expanding away from your oversensitive head and stroking your shaft, or keeping free of your clitoris and stimulating deeper inside, applying just as much pleasure as you can take only where you can take it, the sensations expanding with your arousal into a new build towards a new orgasm.
  • The Power of Two.  A concept am currently having IMMENSE fun exploring as a roleplay.  Again simple enough concept - a slime (gelatinous lifeform) evolved to feed off cum.  The unique nature of a slime's shapeshifting body alone allows for lots of creative fun - it can change its appearance, body type, even mannerisms and apparent personality until it finds the kinks that work best to entice you in.  It can change between being solid and liquid, flowing around you to reform holding you from behind, straddling you almost weightlessly, changing how deep its tongue is to keep licking your head as it deepthroats you or reaching a hand inside its own abdomen to stroke you off as it fucks you.  It can even control its pussy or rear to keep sucking you in and squeezing you out in tandem, forcing your hips to keep thrusting long past what you can take, forced to keep going all the way into and through your orgasm.  And that's where things really get interesting, because these slimes evolved all these specific abilities and techniques all so that they could get they could fullfill their biological imperative to reproduce.  As soon as you cum, the slime's body reacts, expands, and splits into two identical slimes, both hungry for more.  In the roleplay also made it so that whenever a slime splits into two, a little gas is left over, which smells indefinably sweet and has the effect of re-arousing the subject all over again.  So the more times they cum, the more horny slimes they make, the more aroused they get, rinse repeat.
  • Continue Testing.  One of the first roleplay's ever wrote, set in an abandoned testing facility controlled by a mad AI, tasked with exploring the psych of sentient creatures, and finding it learns the most by seeing how they respond to sex.  Endure one or more of the AI's sex-based tests and you can go free, e.g. don't orgasm for 5 minutes, do orgasm in 5 minutes, etc.  And of course all the tests are hopelessly unfair - don't orgasm while robotic tentacles expertly stimulate your whole body at once, do orgasm while sex machines keep you constantly on the edge, survive an obstacle course with a vibrator attached to you that goes off at all the wrong times or take a maths exam while the chair eats you out, etc.  Because the AI ALSO found that it's so much more fun when you don't play fair.
So that's my five free fantasies for you.  Am happy to rewrite them into an actual properly coded format if you'd like, and more of my sexy art and stories can be found on my blog here, and if nothing else hope any of that helps or inspires even more kinky ideas.  Am happy to donate feedback or editing or writing or art in any way I can, as I love the idea of this game and look forward to supporting it in any way I can (including monetarily as soon as have two-cents to rub together).  Anyway, enjoy, and good luck!


  • Thanks for the ideas~

    Some are similar to ideas we've thought of, and I think we'll be incorporating something similar to some. There's definitely some that gave more of an idea on where we can go with those. Though, the Error 4Oh4 one I think is a bit too linear when we've been trying to incorporate circular, intertwined stories. Also, the Venus one is too Solar, and a life like sexbot is a bit too far future.  We're going to stick with really mechanical looking ones like:

    As far as writing something...  It's not easy to make contented scripting and working fine.  You can check the "jobs" link on the home page that will direct you to how and where to submit writing with the tryout application. But it's hard to get accepted onto the team, so forewarning that it could be hours invested in figuring out what to submit and writing and fleshing it out for nothing.
  • Thanks for the feebdack!  Also very cool robot image btw - still clearly mechanical but pleasingly curvaceous.  Sorry, robots done right are a kink of mine - ones that still look clearly robotic yet aesthetically attractive are a rare beauty (as opposed to - extra points if you can find the red one's face).

    And yeah I was certain they wouldn't all fit - designing a story for a discrete scenario that is interesting and unique yet thematically fits in your world does limit things more than a little.  Glad at least a few of them resonated, or maybe inspired other ideas.  Will also definitely do a proper job-submission - given the October 1st deadline (which I assumed was last year) I wasn't sure if application were still open at all, and didn't want to be 'that person' sending in an application 6 months late with a derpy grin.

    Over the next few days will have a go at writing one or more into the correctly coded format using the dev tool -  and don't worry I know that's not as simple as copy and pasting prose.  If it helps I am a professional programmer and scripter with specific experience in visual novels, text adventures and text-parsing compilers (one of my favorite things to create in my spare time), so I will not be reduced to a screaming fit at the sight of a variable or a bitwise operator.  I'm also more than aware that there are no promises - there never are.  The idea of actually being able to do sexy writing as a kind of a job is a dream come true, but I'm happy for that to remain a dream - I do this to have fun and practice my craft, and if I can help in any way then that alone will satisfy me. :P

    Just before I start, if you had to pick one of the three remaining fantasies to read in the correctly coded format (Mobius, The Power of Two, Continue Testing), which would it be?  Or feel like throwing me a curve-ball - a scenario idea you'd like to see done?  Otherwise I was probably going to go with Power of Two, just because have been doing a version of that as a roleplay recently so have up-to-date experience with what does and doesn't work well with that.

    Anyway, let me know. :D
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    And 72 hours of getting no-where later, in need of help.

    After reading both tutorials ( and the 'what to write' page (, I decided what may be most useful to write would be the desired rewrite of the Gait scenario, as this is apparently in need of a rewrite and would be a good chance for me to show off dialogue, character, and to write a code that changes based on how many people have accessed it recently.  Have a rough plan of how things could go, including different ways it could go based on player interactions, stats and anatomy, other scenario options if Gait has been visited recently and has collected the sample she wants, what to do if the same person returns to her, and ways of potentially building a relationship.  But first, I need to find the original scenario.

    The tutorial says: Clicking the input beside "Scenarios" opens up a list. You can type in this list to narrow down the results.  Sadly this is not the case for me - clicking the textbox besides the word 'Scenarios' does nothing, and typing in it does not auto-fill anything.  In order to do a new version of the Gait scenario I need to be able to find the original, so I can see what the original character was and was not, what elements should be kept, and also to learn by example how the coding system works so that I can cement the theoretical understanding gained from the tutorials.  But for the life of me I cannot access the Gait scenario, or any scenario to use for reference, using the provided Dev Tool.

    I'm assuming this is going to be a PEBCAK error, but sadly I am unsure what else to do at this point.  I have attached a screenshot to show the textbox in question and how the devtool looks to make sure am on the same page.
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    Fixed it.  It was an issue on my end. Ty for pointing it out.
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    Sorry to be 'that person', but, are you sure?  Am still getting the same thing happening, or rather than same lack of anything happening when I click on the Scenarios textbox or try typing in it.

    For reference have tried in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers.
  • You probably just need to hard refresh. ctrl+f5 the page. It was a problem on the client.

    And "continue testing" for what you do for your application, I suppose
  • Hazaah!  All working now ty.  Have begun writing wilderness_continue_testing.  Ty again!
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    So, I just lost two thirds of my work.

    Previously pressing 'Add/Update Scenario' would allow me to save my work, bringing up a popup saying that 'a scenario of this name exists, would I like to replace it.'  Now pressing the same button does nothing at all - does not bring up any dialogues and does not save my work.  This is confirmed by opening a new tab and loading the scenario wilderness_continue_testing, which showed the last successfully saved version of the scenario, with all my work since absent, as pressing the 'Add/Update Scenario' button now does NOT save my work.  Restarting the tab would seem to be the obvious answer, except that doing so would destroy all my recent work.

    Bugs are exactly as bad as their consequences.  A crash in a game like Fallout that regularly Autosaves is not as severe as a crash in a multiplayer RTS game where hours of playtime could be lost.  And a crash in a program that can destroy hours of writing work is pretty severe.  I am aware this software is described as being buggy, but if using said buggy software is the ONLY way to apply, software whose tutorials are admittedly out of date and whose bugs may make your work irretrievable at any given moment - sorry, its just not worth it.

    Best of luck to you, Hapto out.
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    Hey Hapto, sorry about that.
    The 1.1k words you submitted before is backed up here so I can restore it, but right now I'm overloaded with so many other things to do.  And it'd be of a big concern to find that bug rather than just restore what's there only for it to happen again.

    I figure there's probably some issues with dependencies that I updated that also affected the main server that I got them fixed on, but I haven't gone into debugging the tryout one(which is on a very dated version of the engine/tools).

    Can you open up your browsers console and see if there are any errors on submission?  I see that you submitted a 2nd updated that wiped it from 1.1k+ words to 0. If you still have the window open with your content, it might be a server side issue that can be fixed and allow you to submit it, too. If not, I can probably give you something to input into the console to fix the tools issue. I'm just not sure if I can get to it before I get Alpha1 out, though.
    You can also try loading a 2nd tab and copying it from there, and seeing if there is an error that comes up in your browser's console. You aren't limited to just having one tab open for the tool.
  • Aaand back.  Took a quick breather to get head back in the game and get ontop of rl stuff.

    Thank you kindly for your concern and offer of help.  Unfortunately the 1.1k words were the 1/3rd part - the lost part was the other 2k words.  But meh, at least now have an understanding of how it works was going to try writing just on hard drive with notes to myself about variables conditions and branching set connections, then can upload it all at the end into the dev tool.  That way if anything goes wrong I haven't lost anything.

    Given I pretty much need to start again was going to switch to a new scenario, as it'll be easier to get that done quickly han trying to recreate lost content.  Will upload asap.
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    Found the bug!

    If you use an 'or' in any 'if' statement (talking about the visually coded if statements, not in-text statements), then the save button immediately becomes none responsive.  Removing al 'or's will instantly restore full functionality to the save button.

    Have started new scenario called wilderness_bubbles, Set 0 done, started Sets 1 and 2 (two very different sex scenes based on what the player did/said in Set 0).
  • Just wanted to check if this is related to the 'test server being wonky for a bit' or unrelated, but was in the middle of writing and it now seems that the Dev Tool has broken again - same issue before (before) of tpying into the Scenario's box not auto-completing nor bringing up a list of scenarios.  Will test again in 30 mins and edit this if it's working again.
  • Well, let me know when the dev tool is back up (presumably after the Alpha release you're working on atm) and can finish what was writing.

    Best of luck with your release.
  • I'm going to need to update the tryout tool to the new version of tools. There's been a lot of bugs that were fixed since then. It'll take a few days to do that and I'm still working on getting the next alpha release done and out.
  • Cool, let me know when it's ready and will finish the scenario.  Good luck with everything! :)
  • I got it back up and should be working much better now.  Do you need your old writing from your previous submission, or do you have it?
  • Congrats on the progress!

    I have some versions of work, but the latest most up to date versions were in the engine.  If it's not too much trouble to retrieve them that'd make it easier to finish everything - otherwise can just use my old notes and reconstruct pretty quickly. :)
  • Ok. I'll PM it to you tomorrow or so.
  • So about 80% through reconstructing and finishing scenario in a google doc.  Almost time to submit it to the dev tool, which unfortunately, is down again.  Typing into 'Scenarios' textbox does NOT autofill, and trying to create and save a new scenario produces a popup titled 'Scenario Save Confirmation', saying 'Checking for existing data...', which stays there indefinately.

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    Hm really? It has been up for me for quite a while.

    Some client-side saving to keep between window sessions is on the list of things I want to add, though.
  • Yep - still not working for me.  So debugging time.

    What browser are you using when it works for you (I have tried Opera, Chrome and IE on Windows 10 64 bit on this end, same result all of them - retrying now on Windows 7 on another machine).

    One clue is that when I try to use it with IE (internet Explorer) then it shows the popup: You must login to and have access to play.  This is shown regardless of whether I've already logged in or not.

    The popup is NOT shown when I use Opera or Chrome, BUT the same behaviour occurs in all three instances (Tutorial popup is shown, I press (Skip), then I start typing in the Scenarios box and no auto-complete occurs, while pressing Add/Update Scenario shows the popup 'Scenario Save Confirmation, Checking for existing data...', which hangs indefinately (occurs whether press Add/Update Scenario before or after pressing New Default Scenario, same effect either way)).  Could the problem then be that it is not properly registering whether I am logged in or not, or even if I'm logged in I no longer have access for some reason?
  • Oh oops I saw a problem.

    I believe I fixed it, and it was server side.  It may have already reconnected you on the one you had opened. If not you can input "creightr.connect('');" in your console. May have to a few times after a few seconds if it throws errors, but that should work and get you connected without losing anything.

    I don't want to jinx it [touch wood], but it seems to be working now!  Uploading content now - have nearly 10,000 words to get through so may take a while. :P

    One side question I'm trying to figure out is - how to restrict the scenario to be ONLY for people with hasPenis or hasVagina (also is that the alternate flag - hasVagina, or is it hasPussy?).  I initially tried writing it to include this edge-case (players in a sex-themed game without genitals), but ended up finding it a bit too difficult to come with enough groin-free alternatives to blowjobs and handjobs and breastjobs, etc etc, so ended up writing it based on the assumption that could restrict the scenario to players with genitals of one kind or another.

    I'm sure I'll be able to figure how to implement this in time from looking at the other scenarios (which can now acess, w00t), was just wondering if you could give me any clues as to where to put this condition (explorable = (hasPenis || hasVagina)).
  • Answered one of my own questions - it is hasVagina (found other scenarios using it). :D
  • image

    And I think this answers my other question. :D
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    You can't access variables for a player that doesn't exist on objectLoadedToMemory. It's basically a bug that it even appropriately styles the "(player)" there when it's not available, like the tooltip for objectLoadedToMemory says.

    You have to end it on objectInstanceForPlayer when they meet conditions you want it to not start for.  If something ends before they get to a scene, it never starts to begin with.

    You also need to click the "||" to wrap it in an "or" so it only requires one or the other to be false, not both.
  • Like this?

    (Note: the && logic is deliberate - the scene is written to allow for the player to have a penis or a vagina (at least one of them) - it just can't handle them having neither or them)

  • Sort of, but having conditionals for both a true and false is excessive. explorable is already in default as false. And like I said, setting explorable on objctInstanceForPlayer isn't going to do anything as all those default variables are only something that are used at the moment the scenario/object is created.  After that point, it's already been been bound somewhere.

    It's only after it instances a scenario/object for a player that you have the player object available, at which point it's too late to change variables that already decided to instance it or not in the first place.

    You'll notice no other content in there from the game does it how you're trying to, or is there?
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    Ah I get it now - when you said 'You have to end it' in your previous post I assumed you meant the variable declaration, rather than the scenario itself.  But makes that it's too late to alter the values of the variables used to decide whether to start a scenario AFTER it's already been started.

    Changed to 'objectInstanceForPlayer: if !hasPenis & !hasVagina, end scenario'

    In answer to your question I'm pretty sure I saw a case of objectInstanceForPlayer setting explorable to false, but not sure where exactly - I've been going through scenarios fairly at random whenever I need to find out how to do something, the downside of which is that I don't exactly recall which scenario contained exactly what.  Will post here when find the scenario I'm thinking of again.
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    Here 'tis, the 'default' scenario is the one I was thinking of, which sets 'explorable' to false on objetLoadedToMemory but NOT based on the player's data.  Which makes sense given this seems to be designed just to randomly setup libido.

    So false alarm.

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