Quick question about applying as a writer

I'm gay, and as such, while I *can* write almost any content, I'm mostly interested in M/M content.  Nonsexual content is fine too, of course, and I can do many various kinks for M/M scenes.  That said, while I can suffer through writing non M/M scenes, I'd really rather avoid it, if at all possible.  Is that okay, or would it be a deal breaker?


  • Well there definitely needs to be some characters that are only gay in the game.  It's not really a requirement to be able to write straight stuff.
    Though, is it really that difficult when you can just change a few things for non-male PCs, and largely use the same content?

    Either way, you need to be able to write story content and not just sex, more than anything.
  • I should clarify that it's only content with females/herms I'd like to avoid writing.  Nonsexual stuff can be enjoyable in and of itself, especially if you have some freedom to be creative with it.  Sorry if I wasn't especially clear with the OP.
  • Sorry to double post, but thinking about it, if the npc is a top, simple variable switches would likely be sufficient to cover whatever the player is, as you suggested, and that shouldn't be an issue.
  • That's what I mean. If you just want to write male characters, that's probably fine, assuming your writing is otherwise good and all.
  • Hey, sorry the writing tryout application was down for a few weeks, but I've gotten it back up now.
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