More Patreon problems… - LEWD

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imageMore Patreon problems… - LEWD

Sooo Patreon banned my bot. See, normally services like Patreon have what's called an application programing interface(API). It's protocols for interacting with the outer layer of some other software. A service

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  • It's a shame and a real pain in the ass. You would think that by now Patreon would have a proper API but I guess it isn't a priority for them for whatever reason.

    As convenient as it might be for people to contribute to you, in my opinion it's not worth all the extra trouble that you have to do to get it to work and then keep it working as that's all time taken away from working on the game instead.
    I'd be more then happy to contribute in whatever way you set up and have no issue if you were to do something like, writing a little thing to track PayPal payments made on your site directly. If anything I would find that even more convenient then having to deal with Patreon.
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    Paypal doesn't handle payments for adult stuff.

    It's quite hard to find payment processors for adult sites/games. I haven't settled on one yet. Most are too expensive, like 10-15% fees which is similar to Patreon's fee. Or they're ghetto, unreputable, don't do reoccurring processing, etc.
    Even if I found one, talking like 2-3 weeks to get everything working and making sure it's working flawlessly so there aren't problems when people try to contribute. I had Dwolla and Bitpay working, but I think some updates to dependencies may have messed them up.

    And even still, I do worry about revenue lost when there isn't the convenience of Patreon so I'd still like to keep it as an option if they can get things worked out with me.
  • Oh right how could I forget that about PayPal...
    I guess sticking to the already established method even if it isn't perfect works well enough, especially with a lot of revenue already on the line.
    The most ideal method that I can think of probably would be having the payment processor built into the site directly but that would take the most time to implement, plus as you said finding one that fits your needs, doesn't violate their tos and while also having reasonable fees.
    One can dream though right? :P
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