Softlocked in dialogue window with Kayleigh

After triggering the scene for the aphrodisia capsule being given to Kayleigh, I immediately went up a tile and back down. Seeing that the "Dirty Space Alchemy" quest was still a thing I could talk to her about, I did because it triggered the scene last time. And now... I am stuck in the screen, unable to do anything.


  • Do you remember what the last text was before you were stuck?
  • Nope, just that I was a female character, did the scene for giving her the capsule, went up and back down, hit the command to talk about the quest again, and it stuck.
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    Hm well, I'm not seeing what may have caused a problem, and not sure which you mean exactly on how you got to it. Maybe it was a connection/lag problem that caused it, which has been a general issue I don't have nailed down yet.

    If you can let me know more specifically where the issue is, I can take another look.
  • It very easily could have been a connection issue. I don't exactly have the most reliable ISP
  • Yeah could be. Though that's a problem with a game that it doesn't work well on bad connections. I'll be looking into it but it'll take a while until it's really working smoothly.
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