Loading from a saved character

I noticed that the game seems to be having difficulties reloading a saved character once you've already created them a played a bit. I tried clicking on my second character after skipping the initial dialogue and it pans down and has the white text Set Up Character but nothing else showing except the solar system and the star in the middle. It appears that there should be a dialogue UI to pop up on screen like it would with character creation but it just hangs there indefinitely. Also, I would like to point out that if anyone wanders into the outpost 833 for the bee drones that they had better be ready to be trapped because you can't leave once you go into the main area.


  • You can leave Outpost 833. It's on the right side.

    I'm not seeing the save reload problem you mentioned. Maybe try again now?

    Basically you click your character and it just shows the star system but your character creation stuff doesn't come up, or what?
  • @lightningshifter when you get back to this, can you give me the character name that has this problem where nothing comes up, or is it just "lightningshifter"?  I want to see if I have the same issue with it.
  • I had created a second character named Tia and yes, it doesn't pop anything with the character creation window up the second time around. I'll have to try again with the latest build of the game. For those of us with Test Server access can we experience all the content plus whatever extras were put on Test or is it possible that we might miss out on content that is over on the Main? Admittedly, I couldn't get onto the Test server the day I posted about these issues.

    Also, the outpost 833 thing had some non-working exits. I was on every tile and I kept trying to trigger it to let me back out but it wouldn't work. I'll have to try it out again with this latest build though to see if the issue cleared out between then and now.
  • Is Tia the one that doesn't work, or the new one you made since the first that matches your account name wasn't working?

    There is some content that is only on Test, but it's generally buggy. Otherwise they are the same.
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