Sluishtha screen - PARSER_ERROR

This here

"▶  Work back against her

Sluishtha pushes herself deeper and deeper into your -egg-laden pussy, until she can hardly go any further. Her slippery tail starts to slide around your left leg, but you bring your feminine legs around her tail before she can wrap around them. Your ankles hook together, your right one over your left, locking around her and pulling yourself closer. Her shecock is left filling you even deeper, the pliable cock squishing and mashing up against your PARSER_ERROR. The creature responds with a giggle, and her freckled nose scrunches briefly, before her long slimy tongue slips out and laps up along your left cheek.

Her tail coils against the ground behind herself, pushing against it to work herself into you. Your legs keep pulling against her in turn, bucking your egg-stuffed, bare womanhood all the way up to the base of her cock. That prehensile cock of hers works into you all on its own, pumping your egg-filled womanhood at a faster pace than just your humping would provide. You can feel it squirming and wiggling around inside of you, pleasuring every bit of your needy inner walls. Sluishtha's hands plant themselves by her sides to hold herself up, and to help pull at the ground to pound into you harder. You can see her chest bouncing with her motions, seeming extra sproingy for their modest size."


  • Was missing a descriptor for Cervix. Added it now. Thanks for the report!
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