Universal domination, I guess?

You find some kind of log about some abandoned hyper advanced structure on a planet never heard of in a wreckage in a desert somewhere. you enter this structure and at its core find a large chamber and a door to another chamber with no way to open, and four holographic star maps that point to uncharted planets and areas within them. you go to each of these planets finding similar structures solving puzzles and completing trials with in them while learning about an ancient intelligent yet monstrous race  that would turn planets into breeding grounds for their kind. and at the end of each structure you obtain part of a password. you then return to this chamber and speak this password. the door opens and you find the last remaining member of this race suspended in cryo. there is a terminal where you can deactivate the cryo and communicate with the creature through some kind of neurological type of communication. where in return for its release it offers you a side along it in its domination. and that it needs to breed with you for months to have any noteworthy planetary invasion force.( i guess your gender would determine the gender of the alien)
Any thoughts?
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