Set up Character, Checkboxes uncheckable

like the title says, directly clicking on the trait-checkboxes doesn't work (clicking on the names does). Also I think the stat sliders should affect the number next to it. Only traits change the number.

I'd also suggest grouping the traits for usability purpose. Your checkboxes are functionality wise radio buttons but there are a couple of approaches

- - -
Another smaller issues (you might possibly be already aware of). The intro text jumps around a bit and changes size (I assume because of block-text). The word "Paradise" moves to the right if you scroll to the sun and I think. The text itself needs some work too (big sentences, write errors, textual not that great) 

tested with Google Chrome 51


  • it seems the female gender and herm gender no longer have breasts it will say none no matter how much you move the bar also when it game it says gender is false with the male symbol
  • Can you show a screenshot of how the text is looking for you?

    I thought I had it in a small enough box to not be affected by lower resolutions.

    The sliders issue is fixed. There were just a lot of bugs I didn't notice in the last update all caused by one little thing.
  • well screencapping is a bit tricky...
    As soon as it finished drawing a line (or sentence) it readjusts the spacing.

    The slider issue still looks the same to me, is the fix productive yet?
  • Hm. I don't see that one happen for me. What browser? That particular issue may be unfixable, really, as text layout can sometimes be unpredictable.

    And I fixed the checkboxes being unclickable.
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