Game update and fixes - LEWD

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imageGame update and fixes - LEWD

Site: -Updated the Register, Login, etc pages to look like the rest of the site. Game: -Fixed a bug where quests would point to an empty spot if they weren't for the current

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  • fndfnd
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    I fear there must be something broken, for some scenes with dialog options, i can't see the introductory text
    this happens to me so far with Caysey, Gail and Alraune, also while some dialog options show the desired text, others not, just leaving a blank space too :(

    First dialog in Outpost 833 shows ok

    I know this is a minor thing, but once you click the "i'm 18 or older" you can't uncheck it, don't know if this is intended but it surprised me. Anyway that's a great (and necessary) addition.
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    I need you to check your browsers javascript console for an error on that first one.

    edit: nevermind I was getting it too. Fixed.
  • That was fast :)

    I kinda feel i just write about problems i have and it is not my intention to bother you with things i don't even know if they are intended or you are already aware of or even they aren't important, so sorry about that

  • A lot of times I'm writing a bunch of code and just assume I work, though it takes too long to properly test it and see that it does. So it's helpful when people point things out, as they need to be fixed.
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