Let us pay for early access in various ways??

I don't mess around with patreon(for various reasons) but I still wanna play LEWD. I would still pay for it and I'm sure a few others would too. Maybe just let us buy keys in more ways then just one?


  • edited January 2017
    Something like this hasn't been a priority simply because the game will eventually be free to play.

    I can do it for Bitcoin and Dwolla (ACH) pretty easily, but not many people use those anyway.  I will eventually hook in something for credit card payments, but most merchants that allow adult content take a 15% fee or more.

    You'll just have to wait for now if you don't want to use Patreon. I'll be giving out lots more free keys with the next update than I did the previous ones. The game isn't in the state where I want tons of people playing it right now, but it'll be a heck of a lot better with the next update.
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