First impressions

i started the game, designed a classy lady type as is my usual and started forth. then started again in chrome because it didn't work in the pale moon browser like most things.
wandered over to the tutorial lady and talked to her a bit, somehow missed part of her conversation and couldn't start it again so i had no idea what she said but i wandered over to the bunny lady and talked to her, then tried to touch fluffy tail and got knocked out.
then i found someone who wanted me to find her a shirt and wandered out side to go get one.
i got raped repeatedly by plant girls because i tried diplomacy without knowing what their deal was.
i found the damn shirt and got a parasite for my trouble. then someone wanted me to stab a monster with a syringe and i found the first monster i actually liked, the taur.
i saw her twice and would have liked to keep seeing her but not with the risk of encountering the plants again.
then the lady wanted me to take some eggs in myself and get fertilized so i left.
i then found some water, washed up and lost my clothes, then my connection.

i thought i would like this game, since it sounded like it would be like trials in tainted space but more towards the directionless wandering and variety of flexible survival. but when the first thing i find is my greatest possible turn off, and its unavoidable without losing precious clothing as far as i can tell, thats a death sentence for the game. i found one person i liked and a whole bunch i want to shoot. so now since i couldn't figure out wither i could get access without paying the full five dollars for gold access i now have 4 unused access codes that i might be able to give out if i can figure out where the other four are.


  • i do really like the character creation, the really in-depth noun-adjective pairing system really lets you flesh out the way your character thinks about things. the traits were also nicely done, its just what comes after that that loses me
  • Hey, thanks for the feedback.
    Missing some stuff if you don't pay attention to it the first time is rather intended.
    The connection issues thing is something I'm fixing right now.  As for the other stuff, well hm. It's definitely, at times, supposed to be a bit more... perilous I guess? But not so much to the degree you experienced.
    The plantgirls repeatedly being rapey is something we're working on, but needed something there for the time being.  You can get new clothing from the first person you greeted after losing them, and there will be other ways to get clothing. So clothing isn't as precious as it seemed. It does take 2 or 3 times to fully lose your clothing when you try talking to them, anyway.
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