Something special when you overlap with another player

Hi new here and wanted to say the game is awesome! But this is my one problem, there is very little interaction with other players in game.

When I see another player nothing happens, due to the context of lewd I think if you overlap you could have a private conversation with them. In game you could shout out "meet me [here] for a chat" then you could have a private chat to each other as if you where right next to each other.


  • Welcome.
    I was just going to have a private messaging system like a desktop messenger.

    I was thinking there could also be a chat for each "square" area like you said, rather than the entire zone, but there just isn't enough people at the moment for that to be useful.
  • A square by square chat may be a bit much but you could make the messaging system need a code that you can get from your friends or by meeting other players on the same square. This gives meeting others meaning and it would be similar to exchanging phone numbers with a friend you just met so fits with lore (sorta).
  • Just have a "communication device" to private message with would fit lore.  It'd be a bit troublesome when you're playing with friends outside the game but then have to find each other and get their code instead of just sending a message right to their name. :p

    I was actually going to have the PMs system in there now, but decided it was to much work for a small thing that people can already assume would be there.
    I was going to have something where an NPC you meet would use it to communicate with you later on, as you're forced to decide their fate on something.  But that's like, a week or 2 of work getting that in and getting it hooked into Events for just that one little thing, so it'll have to wait.
  • True, just putting it out there as I would enjoy some player interaction. (Possible RP stuff too) But it is a bit of work when compared to how many use the chat as it is so there is no rush.
    Side note: Friends meeting up in game would still be easy, you could even make it interesting by associating each letter to a number
  • There will definitely be things in the future for this.
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