Introduce yourself, or just say "Hi".

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New and want to say something, but don't know where to post first?  Here is a good place to break the ice and pop your LEWD forum cherry.

You by no means have to, but I understand that a lot of people are shy to post. :3

I'm Sadako/Sadtaco, and I'm a smut peddler.


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    The name is Jezzame and I found your game through LOK forums. I really like its idea, mmo ideas mixed with porn mixed with other players can certainly lead to interesting results. So good luck and I hope all goes well!

  • Hey, I was a backer of the first Kickstarter.  Found it randomly while browsing games and have been lurking ever since.  Definitely plan on backing the next one.
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    Good to hear. :3 Glad you stuck around. Try and spread the word if you can. That really helps more than anything.
  • Hello Sadako,

    You hooked my interest when you posted on r/MonsterGirl about a year ago when I gave my ideas/opinions. I honestly didn't do anything more than type to you at that time, didn't even click the demo link. I apologize for that and hope to make up for it by doing so now. Your recent message to me was actually well timed because I was just thinking of getting back into some text adventure games again, lewd or otherwise. I don't know how active I'll be in your specific community, but hopefully I'll make some constructive posts when I am. 

    For everyone else, Hello! I'm Psysaturn, internet buddies call me Psy. 

    And as many people have often asked me how to pronounce it it is as in "sigh" and the planet/god Saturn. There is no story behind the name save that I wanted a unique name at some point in my past. I work at a movie theater and I have an addiction to soda pop. I'm a sexual deviant when it comes to porn, extremely vanilla when it comes to the real thing. I like burritos and have an oddly large collection of clocks. I don't know how I got such a large collection, I just noticed it once when I was packing to move into a new apartment.
  • Nice to see you again. :3
  • Hello Sadako! =)
  • Hello, fellow smut connoisseurs,
    The name is Brew or Mr. Brew, call me anything else and I'll cut you. I found this gem of a website on Reddit one day in a shady subreddit. I was drawn in by the fact that Sadako was also someone interested in text based RP and already a programmer. Essentially, that is my goal in life, program wonderful things for people to enjoy that have deep story lines. Of course, the nature of the game helps make it enjoyable as well.
    I look forward to helping this game realize its full potential, and maybe begging for a non-paid "internship" to help make the game.
  • Good luck! The basics of programming isn't really terribly hard to learn. There's a reason they call the arrangement and rules of the programming a syntax, IE C Syntax.
    "Syn-tax, noun: The arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language: the syntax of English"
    It's just like learning the grammar of another spoken language. The hard part is learning to really think in the language and having a big picture of your end result of all these little things.

    Making a client side plugin for a different style of game with the same software is a good place to start! I need to recode the client to include a proper API before someone could really do that, though, but that'll be one of the first things I'll do once I have polished up the tools.
    It's a lot easier to learn programming by extending something else, rather than starting from scratch. Reverse engineering something, then reworking it into something different. That's pretty much how I started out.

    For anyone that's really talented, there is the possibility of working with me on a custom build of Unreal Engine 4 as well.
  • Hi, I'm orosboru, from #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon. I'm looking forward to trying to write for the game, although I'm a pretty nervous character...
  • Hello! I'm Trinstin, an artist on RPH, pleasure to meet you all.
  • Hello! My name is Calzone. I write erotic stories, and was invited to the team by Sadako!

  • i'm confused, is it Calazone or Calzone?
  • He typod it. :x I'll probably change it, or add a name change thing.  Haven't done much account management yet.
  • What sadako said!
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    So it is Calzone, welcome then.
    Isn't it possible to change the name here ?
  • Nope! 
    I tried
  • That shouldn't work anyway. I'll need to remove it.  Your forum name come from your account name that is separate from what normally comes with these forums. It's my own account system to manage players characters and such.
  • Hi asehen here! I was a fanatic player on CoC and TiTs. But i always found that we were too much alone on these. So i really like your ideas of game man!! I'm in for sure
  • Hi, just call me Oz. 

    I have been watching this game for some time and finally decided to join the forum. I found this on the Legend of Crystal development site and it was refreshing to see something like this. 

    I look forward to testing it out and trying to help its progress.  Just let me know how I can help.

    See you around.
  • Howdy folks & folkettes! Been watching this thing off and on for a while now. Not even sure where I ran across it originally. I missed the Kickstarter due to lack of paying attention. But you know how it is when you get zillions of emails every day, I'm sure. Gotta prioritize!

    Anyway, hope things settle down for you a bit and you find time to enjoy life. Working 15 hour days sucks. Been there, done that. Life's too durn short, I tells ya!

    Unfortunately, my coding talents are pretty limited. Mostly just a little scripting here and there to get the proggies to do my bidding and automate my work so I look like I'm working hard when I'm really not. I have been told I have some "writing" ability which you might find useful, though most of what I write is too naughty for the average porn consumer, so maybe not (see ASSTR).  But I can always proof-read! :-)

    So... hat's off to ya on your endeavor, best wishies, and all that sort of blather.

  • (Psst!  Got an error saying I needed a body when I tried to post a moment ago, so switched from IE to Chrome and it worked.  Thought you should know - I HAVE a body!  It's in my trunk!)
  • You don't need to know how to "code" to script  things.

    You could send me a writing sample via PM, like 1500-3000 words of an interaction that extends one of the characters or just some new one of your own making.
  • Hey I can code several languages (including html) if that helps and I can write some stuff (maybe fill a few of the placeholders)
  • @Iamgod, Coding isn't necessary much since I do all of the difficult programming fine.

    Though, at some point I'll probably want to have someone else to maintain the website, forum, and so on so I can concentrate on the really complex things.

    But if you think you're good at writing, well you can PM me a sample like I said to Dayvid.
  • Hi. My name's Laure and I'm only here because I was misguided in my attempt to purchase RPH credits. I like the idea, but... I'd still like those credits.
  • I am llat-2. Nice to post on the forum.
  • Hello programmers,
    Congratulation for the goal reached till now.
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