(now defunct) Give your feedback on Kickstarter rewards, and help me improve the page!

Here is a preview link for what I have so far on the kickstarter page. It has been approved by KS, and awaiting being launched:
You can not pledge any money yet, as I have not launched it!

Are there any particular backer rewards you would like to have?

Do you have ideas on how I can improve what is written there?

Read more about the upcoming Kickstarter on the blog post here: http://www.playlewd.com/blog/?p=129
Also, if you're viewing these forums as a guest and are interested in getting this game made, please register! You'll get an email once the kickstarter goes live so I can hopefully get a lot of backing on day-one.


  • Nice to see you following through with this. I also am glad to see you are with me on the idea that games are art.
    You might want a $50 option as middle between $ 35 and $90. Because for many $50 is your average game price so they would be happy to pay for a game. Maybe give it one or 2 extra months of premium access and $10 in micro-transaction credit.
    As much as I would love to follow you through all stages of development, I only really have the money to spare of $25 maybe $35 if titanfall sucks.
    Overall though, good luck and I hope you get the funding you need!
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    I edited the Kickstarter page a lot to add more to it.  There's a tl;dr version, more stretch goals, and a timeline.

    Can you think of anything interesting besides just credits?
    I agree that there should be a $45 or $50 reward, but I can't think of something that's intriguing but also good for the game.

    Like what sort of things would you want to purchase with micro-transaction credits, that's not unfair to be blocked off from free users?

    Titanfall is pretty good. :p But don't forget that you won't actually be billed by Kickstarter until the end of April.
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    I know I won't be billed until then but the amount of money I have to spare is often very little so I have to pick and choose what I decide to get :p

    For me it is often cosmetic stuff that has no real affect on gameplay, much like loadout on steam. 
    So you could buy extra character slots, or get some different coloured and styled strap-ons that for extra, change the colour of your 'cum', and have the same colour change be available for men's dicks and cum as well. 
    You could also make a tip like system to pass a select few speech checks that you could not normally pass.

    Few rough ideas there but its something.
  • Wow that's a big effort you've made on the page, i believed that kickstarter didn't allowed adult projects, so i was going to recommend offbeatr, luckily it's not the case (by the way "funded adult projects on it in the pass.").
    Anyway i would study all the succesful projects they had, if you've not done so yet, maybe it could be of some help for knowing which kind of rewards people like most.

    One thing i'm not sure if most people would be glad to do is to register another profile in KS if they already have one, but who knows.

    I think the video is a great idea, but i also think there's too much text at the same time on screen, so i found it to be a little unreadable, a video should be more visual, rather than just plain text. In my opinion this applies to the rest of the page too, it's good to give the possible backers all the information they could want, but too much info can be overwhelming.

    I think some kind of a resume at the start is obliged, or moving the Short Version to the beginning, that way the ones who want to know more about just a couple of things would have it easier.
    You can always just put a link to another page in this domain for letting people know more.

    Just remember the 5 w's and 1 h rule and you can be sure most of the people would be pretty well informed.

    I think it is obvious too but as soon as you get a reply from the artists i would ask for their permission to put some examples of their work on the project page, or a link to their own profiles. And i'm sure they will be willing to help you in the promotion too.

    Concerning the promotion matter, i would make a visit to pages of other games in development (here is a good list to start with) and try to contact their creators, maybe offering them one of the funding rewards in an exchange for a recommendation of LEWD to their followers, or just asking for help if they feel it deserves it.

    After this senseless tirade i just want to point the fact that even if this funding campaign doesn't result as expected, you can always run another one in pages like offbeatr (just like venus rising did), or even accept donations throught your page. So it would not be a dead end.

    Good luck then
  • Offbeater takes a 30% cut.  It's completely out of the question. If 50k was raised, they'd be taking 15k. There's so much I can do with 15k(Well, 10k compared to KS's fee), it will just hurt the game too much.
    I actually want to make my own adult game funding service. I could make something a lot better and take lower cuts. :x  But since Kickstarter accepted it, I won't need to now. I still want to do it later, though, to sort of give back more. It could help people raise money to make their own games on the engine. :3

    I think linking off some of the extra information is good idea!  Like I could make a blog post for "LEWD as an engine" and link that there instead of the huge block of text there for it in the KS. I'll work on that soon.

    I did look at that successful Offbeatr games page. Only TiTS and Pocket Pussies success really stands out.
    TiTS had a lot of success due to Doxy just being a very very popular and good artist, and Fenoxo already had a good following from CoC. It also raised like an extra 70k at the end because it was on the front page of the reddit AMA. That's something I don't think I can do.. Not much I can emulate there.
    Pocket Pussies, I have no idea. It doesn't name the programmers or show their experience. It's just an RPG maker game. It says an "industry legend" will work on the story, with no person named. It just has a list of a few nice and popular artists like Slugbox. >_> I'm not saying it'll be bad, but it's a bit odd to me how things get funded purely off some photoshop mockups.
    But yeah, I can see that I need to get some kind of partnership with a popular artist or two whose fanbase might support it. And yeah, I need some mockup I suppose, but I feel like the mockups will be a lot worse than what I'll actually end up implementing.

    Anyway, no... this Kickstarter has to be successful. There's no reason for it not to be, except for there not being enough people that know about it. I really don't want to try again if it doesn't work, since it's just rather sad. I'll have to move on.
    15k really isn't much. Just $15 from a thousand people, worst case. That should be pretty easy to raise to make something so promising. :x
    Most people that try it have lot of good things to say. Just need to expose it to more people, I think.
    There is a lot of trouble where like... Well like when it was on the front pages of some forums, and had like 40-80 people online at a time, lots of people said how much they liked it or how much potential it had, but only maybe 1 in 20 of those actually registered and account. So a lot of potential backers aren't actually following it.
  • I can defiantly see this succeeding, especially when you break it down like that. All that is left is to sort out backer rewards and advertise the fuck out of it. Because I am sure if people see this they will want to make it happen, so put a forum up everywhere that is relevant, and bump those old ones that pulled so many into the demo. All you can do is try, and that is all I think this needs to succeed.
  • Well, I don't know all the good places to spread the word about it.
  • To be honest nor do I. 
    But if you have some art assets you could put a collage up on hentai foundry and advertise there.
    There is always reddit.
    Would you be able to advertise on rphaven? Since you made it?
    Legend of crystal forums, I found you through there. Just update your thread there and give it a bump saying you are starting a kickstarter.
    Just a few places that I know of. Not that aware of the porn game world.
  • hmm.. yeah.. maybe posting about it on hentai and yaoi game blog sites might be a good start.
    especially since you can post a link to a playable demo.
    Have you considered the idea of a bring your own artwork tier?
    I may be the exception here....
    But I have had a ton of art commissioned on my characters.
    So I have options for a profile picture, to upload with approval.
    Ok, one of the tiers was a rule your own planet, space station, with multiple zones.
    well... what about a tier that is one zone, essentially a house (or dungeon). Add a title like Lord of the Manor, or Squire, or something. might have a NPC servant (or maybe slave if dungeon), and one or more areas, that would allow 2 PCs to uhm... interact with each other.
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    It'd be really nice if others can help spreading the word around on those sites.
    I have the main larger ones covered like Fakku, ULMF, LoK, rule34, tfgames, hypnoticscollective, fenoxo.
    I have so many things to do. x_x
    Of course I've advertised on RPH, but a lot of the members there are really spiteful. They don't want me working on something else, or they just aren't interested in a game an don't care.

    There's so many of them, and they can find hard to find.

    That later idea about the being part of a small area is pretty good, though that'd have to be a really high reward. It's the $35-$250 ones that usually bring in the most money.
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    I added a new stretch goal at 40k for the alternate playable races besides just human. I did have to move two other goals back a little, but the others are unchanged.

    I also changed that $1000 tier to include choosing two of the lower rewards instead of just one.

    Oh, and thanks for pointing out that typo, fnd.
  • Yes, it's the smaller pledges that usually powerhouse the games funds.
    But, getting some higher pledges, especially early on, to geet your numbers higher, can get people looking at your kickstarter.
    Your last kickstarter was painfully close to funding.
    Earlier interest, to hopefully get the game higher up on the kickstarter page, can make a big differance. If the early interest isn't there, it seems like it's really hard to get people to even look at your kickstarter later in the funding campaign.
  • Yeah, but last time it was just barely at 15k. That'll just barely get it made. There's a lot more I'd rather too. I really want to try to get 100k-200k, if not even more.

    I'm trying to get people to register and account so I can send out an email when the kickstarter launches and get lots there at the start. There's only 205 at the moment, though. Need at least a thousand, but thousands is better.
  • Just found out about LEWD today on tfgamessite. Glad I did! It's quite late and I don't have the energy left to sum up what I like about LEWD, so I apologize for that. The KS page is quite clear and made me excited/hyped. Unfortunately, being a student, 90 bucks would be the absolute maximum of what I could afford. I also don't have any experience with KS and I live in the Netherlands and don't have a credit card nor paypal so I'll have to look into how I'd back you up.

    I noticed on KS that you've linked http://www.rphaven.com. Are you affiliated with this site? I checked it just now and it seems quite popular.

    Also, one of the better places to advertise LEWD would be on fenoxo's sites... But I'm not sure if he'd be OK with that, seeing  as you could be described as competition. But he seems like a nice person and has allowed quite some people to advertise there (via himself). Queen Opala and Euphorian Tide come to my mind at this moment. He also has this page http://www.fenoxo.com/downloads-and-other-games/ with quite some links to other games. So I'd definitely try my luck with using fenoxo's reach to advertise LEWD.

    Also, maybe a summary of the KS information would be useful to put on the current playlewd.com homepage. Like an attractive overview of LEWD. The current page is rather disorienting and not too attractive.
  • I'm going to set something up to pay with Dwolla or Bitcoin once the goal is reached, so people that people that can't use Amazon Payments can contribute. But that's only going to be put up once the 15k goal is reached. I'm beginning to code it now since it's looking pretty sure that that's going to be reaching(but of course we still need more interested! That 15k goal barely gets the game done in a basic state. x_x There's way more that I want to do).

    Um, what can you pay with from there? Dwolla is US only. I know Bitcoin would work, but it can be a hassle for some.

    Fenoxo does let other games be posted on his forum. I have posted it there alright. That was somewhat effective. I asked him to actually put a word out about it a long time ago like he has with other games like you mentioned, but he told me no. I guess others can ask him, but I don't really want to again. :/

    And the current page with just 3 buttons is disorienting? o_o But yeah I should put some of that information somewhere else.
  • Sadako, I would recommend pitching your game to #GamerGate and Anti-Gate. Currently in an online war, Gamergate is against journalistic corruption and anti-gg doesnt want to be called out on some fake doxxing feminists did to themselves. There is #NotYourShield, regular women and minorities who are against the radical feminists calling fake accounts. And the feminists are Quinn, Sarkeesian, Wu, Mcintosh, and Leigh Alexander. Those people may fund a portion. But since it's erotic, who knows what might happen. Anyway best of luck =)
  • *calling them fake accounts
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    Heh.  Yeah I've seen that stuff. I'm not really in a position to get involved, and I really don't want to force myself into that sort of pandering even if it might yield some interest/money. I don't really see where this game is involved in that stuff.
  • Its a game, and the revolt has gamers as the main focus. #GamerGate has about 15,000 members according to ggautoblocker by one of the antis. Im 11335 lol. Idk, just threw it out there. There is one specific person that loves Lewd type of work, mid if I drop them a link?
  • But yeah I completely see your stance.
  • Oh I don't mind at all!  Share it where ever you'd like like you might any other game. You don't really need to ask permission for that.
  • Just couldn't see this here without dropping this link: http://wehuntedthemammoth.com/

    Not associating with them is indeed a wise choice. It would add a bad connotation to your work.

    *prepares to be called a whiteknighting SJW*
  • Maybe it's a bit late to point this but Patreon could be a safer option compared to Kickstarter.
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    I don't think Patreon fits.
    I'm not asking for money for me to get paid for stuff.  It's money so I can hire good, motivated writers.

    I need money to get the project finished.  Kickstarter fits that model of where you are funding a project so it can be made.

    Patreon just seems more for artists and such.  You draw a picture, you get donations. Doesn't really fit for a large project.
    I know how much I need to get the project completed.  Getting small amounts for milestones, or whatever, doesn't actually get it completed.
  • There are quite a few games like this on Patreon these days. Might be worth reconsidering...
  • Thanks, @Becky

    I may in the future.  I have LEWD mostly on the back burner right now.

    I'm working on moving it to my new engine as well as finishing up things on that engine. I just keep finding things that could be improved on the engine in the process, or made easier with tools, that slow down progress on that.

    After LEWD is running on the new engine, well I'm going to see if I can find people that want to work on it while I'm doing other things. Patreon might be the way to go to support them.
  • I no longer have a Kickstarter planned near term, to be clear. Decided to just go with Patreon.
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