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Hi there Guys !

At first sorry for my english i am german and i will do my best to express my thoughts so that they are easy to understand. After revisiting the website to play the pre-alpha i found myself very impressed, it was quite some time ago that i first stumbled onto this project and at first i thought "another text rpg - an mmo without the mulitplayer part" i left the game 30 minutes later and didn't care enough. Now i played for about ~10 minutes and i have got to say i am overwhelmed by the progress and overall quality.

Well coming to the reason why i started the topic : Please don't get me wrong i understand you and your roadmap for the furutre i see you are ambitious and you really like what you are doing and you're good at that ! so therefore my respect BUT

Talking about the second game 2LEWD is a big mistake in my opinion of course you are just talking about it but for uniformed people it could look like "this guy just wants our money with a piece of trash to do the next piece of trash which he isn't going to finish then again". I am in no position to judge you whatsoever but i clearly would remind you to think about your strategy and dont get me wrong yet again you got me hyped when you were typing about the UE4 or better an adult mmo with the UE4. Something like this would be my dream coming true but let's get back to the ground on planet earth shall we ?

It is a good idea to at first gather user willing to support the project and spread the word it is a good strategy to not just "hit the start button" on kickstarter and see where it goes. But there is the problem you are already talking about your big future plans but you don't even started the funding phase for the first one, the basic game which is the essence that starts your dreams. And even though i believe you that youa re able to pull of the funding and your roadmoap to 2015 and maybe even an early alpha of 2LEWD... there are many people out there who would just turn around laughing with how much you are promising to deliver - those are potential supporters.

Its all fine and dandy talking about your dreams and your plans but in my opinion you should notch it down a tone or two and when the funding has got its 15.000 (maybe even 100.000) and you're delivering what you're promising with the alpha and beta builds than we can talk about 2LEWD and the possibilites of UE4. Well of course the possibility would be there to swap engines and just start right on with the UE4 engine for LEWD. But thats not for me to decide and no matter how everything turns out from here i'll be one of your supporters !

The Demo is very promising and as said before its a very good work and fast ! I wish you good luck ! 

What is everyone elses thought on this ?

P.S. I don't own a credit card since i had some serious issues when i had one - which methods will be offered to pledge ? I read something about Amazon and Paypal ? I wonder how this would be possible... Paypal will surely turn you down jsut because it is an erotic game.


  • Yeah, I did a bad job of showing much a long time ago. I thought it should be impressive that I did so much in 2 weeks since it would be to my peers, but that was naive of me~ I'm glad you came to try it again.

    You could be right that it's a bit of a mistake to talk much about the second game. I thought that myself, but the thing is that it can be exciting for me. It's not something that's just going to suddenly happen once LEWD is "finished", after all, it's something I'll be picking at here and there to gradually work toward along side of. I also think it's a bit important, to note that I need LEWD to work out well to work toward something even bigger.
    I think it's pretty grounded to say that I want to make an adult MMO that's AAA quality(or rather, I think it's better to say "very good indie" quality), but that it's something in the future after I have success with something else. If I was just going fully on trying to make the next game right away, I think that'd be crazy.
    I've also had a very big problem conveying scope of what I'm doing. Like I'll chat on IRC in front of people and they list some cool ideas, and I'm just like "Yep. Engine already supports that, just lack having content written around it". Saying I've been building this to support a traditional MMORPG is an easier way to cover a wide range of questions.
    So... I think there's bad points, and important points. To be the bad is outweighed.
    I can see why some would think that about taking money just for the other thing, but well I think the stretch goals make it pretty clear and are pretty sensible.

    It might seem like I'm talking a lot about it lately, but that's just because it's a new development that I can use UE4 for it. But if you look at the Kickstarter draft, it's only mentioned in like one sentence somewhere there, plus at the very last stretch goal.
    I am working in UE4 now because I need a little break from LEWD, since I've put so much into it since the past 2 months, but it should be quiet on that front again unless I decide to show one last thing. (UE4 is pretty buggy right now, so I'm not sure I'll be able to show it)

    As far as payment.. Amazon uses Credit Card and Debit Card as well I think.
    Yeah, I don't think I'll be using Paypal. I wasn't thinking when I mentioned it before.
    How do you usually buy things online?
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