Game server status (Down)

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June 18
-Taking it down for a few hours to rewrite a few things.
    (Done. Rewrote most of the items back end.)

June 07
-Keeping it down for a few hours, or maybe a day, since it's really empty on content after I moved some things around.
    While I can add and edit content while the server is running, I'd rather keep it down in the mean time instead of having it up with not much there.
    Working on adding more, but headache~
    (Done. Added a bit to the new outpost. I put a tiny bit more in the Wilderness as well. I'm going to try and get some more added soon, as well.)

June 05
It's going to be down the next few days as I work on some things such as:
-Add a loading and connecting screen.
    (Done. Also decreased the number of resources used when the page's tab is in the background. Also updated the renderer to adjust to the window size changing.)
-Add pooling connections to the database.
    (Did something else instead. Seems stable now.)
-Redo the character generation screen.
    (Mostly done.)

August 14
Rewriting a lot on how items work. The server will the down, or the client will often be out of sync, while I do finish this up.
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