What WON'T be in LEWD?

I am relatively new to this, and so I am not very in tune with most of the stuff related to this game. Therefore, I think it is necessary to ask this question, so that toes won't be stepped onto.

It's clear that each author is their own world and there will be things that rub them right and others that do the opposite. For example, Fenoxo, the creator of Corruption of Champions, has stated more than once that loli/shota is always out of question when it comes to his games, as well as other stuff. When it comes to this game, what will not be in it no matter how much it is asked for, requested or even demanded by the players?


  • Well, on the KS I did give a list on the very far end which is no hard vore, excrement, and extreme macro.

    I have said I'm not going to try to pander to everyone's fetish.  That said, this also isn't a niche game that panders to a particular fetish.
    Myself, I don't really have a fetish I particularly cling to except, perhaps, small-dom/big-sub stuff. I like variety, with different characters and situations.
    I'll try to cover a lot of them, because I like variety.

    That said, the fetishes have to pertain to a story. I'm not going to force them in just to be there, they have to make sense and be there for a reason.
    Also, I will probably want to avoid some things that are really offensive to some people, like ageplay.

    I personally don't have any issue with fantasy loli/shota myself, but when some people just see that it can be a huge put off.  It could be there as long as I could find a good story. I mean, Ender's Game had some of that, and I don't even think I was a teenager when I read that. Presentation of it matters a lot.
    There will at least be some mid teen's stuff, I suppose. I mean, there just must be a haughty pettanko princess, after all. There isn't a reason I can't say "teen" and let people imagine it how they wish. There's ways things that can be worded. I'm personally not that into 'taurs, but I love how Spajss Ajss' scene came out.

    That's sort of what it comes down to, that example there. If it can be made into a good story, and be written in such a way that it appeals to a broader amount of people than just those that are hardcore into the fetish, I want to add it.
    On the other hand, "a dick the size of a bus" gives a clear image compared to just saying "teen".

    I've thought I could have some "community" planet where people can add anything they want, that's separated off from the rest of the game, that comes with a warning before anyone enters it, though.
  • That idea of the community planet actually sounds VERY interesting! I support it!

    On the subject of the rest, I can see where you come from. I personally think that the fact that story will be put first and foremost before anything else is a good thing, an advantage this game has before games like CoC or Mutant Minx Meltdown. Fetish with nothing else to drive it becomes bland very quickly, no matter how you present it.

    Leaving things vague when it comes to some risque stuff (Teen and related) may work if done right, but it can also get a lil' bit troublesome, because it is a very grey area. I really hope you manage to pull it right, though.
  • Well, anime has so much of that, even what's mainstream, so i'd imagine some can be done without being outwardly offensive.  I doubt I'd allow underaged player characters where NPCs note your age though. Things like that are more suited to a more niche game. But you could always write that in your profile for other players to see.
  • Anime has teens who are 13-16 who look a lot older, and even younger at times. A lot of them bring some sorta sex appeal, especially if they're a female. I'd just let people use their own head to picture what they're like and how old they are. 

    A lot of non mainstream anime is the same way too, though. 
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    They also have ones that are supposedly 17 or 18(or older), but they look 12-14. Konata, for example.

    There won't be an sort of "child rape" themes, though, I should be clear. When anime does those things, it's usually light hearted. I'm not into the typical dark scenes, unless it's dark in the creepypasta sort of way.

    It'll also depend what people say when I have a big enough of a community to do some polls.
  • lookin good so far just dont get bored and abandon it

  • I'm not. I'm going to do another kickstarter.

    It's just been slow because I took a two day break, and I've had to do a lot of setting up the website stuff instead of working on the game.
    Just keep watch. There'll be some updates in a few days.
  • Honestly, taking anything out will hit some people that play the game, no matter how 'bad' it seems.

    In that respect, the best way to do this is do that 'community planet' thing with the warning, and just take out what you don't like for the general game. If you don't like to write loli / scat / watersports / bondage / straight, whatever... then don't add it. Leave it for the communal world.

    You'd probably have to set it up so people can add their own areas, if they want to make their own huge questlines for their chosen fetish(es). Having a set, small area would eventually run out of room.
  • Lol I know. I've seen comments people make about CoC in that regard.

    At minimum, I want to add player ships, where players can add their own content to their ships. Where ever someone brings their ship, if they leave it unlocked then others could enter it and see what's there.
    There would have to be some sort of moderation on it, though, which could lead to drama.

    In a lot of cases, it'd be better for people to use the engine and make their own smaller, more focused game with it.  If LEWD is successful, and there is demand, I'd be able to rent servers to people for their own games.
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