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imageAbout the Game - LEWD

LEWD is an erotic text adventure game, currently in development.   Currently, it's mainly myself (Sadtaco) working on it as the project lead and programmer. Later, I plan to bring in artists, better writers

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  • You should see about getting help from the guy who runs and creates fenoxo.com . He is, in this sort of field, highly successful. He has a legion of fans that support whatever he supports. He also is keen to helping, endorsing, and kind of sponsoring other game-makers. I'm sure he could help you and probably would help you. At the very least he could give advice or reccommendations. His website is http://www.fenoxo.com/ . He is amazingly good at creating games like this.
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    I'm just not sure I want help from him.   I asked him 2 years ago, and he wouldn't.
    I wouldn't want to owe him anything after I've worked so hard on it, and think that should speak for itself. There has to be other ways to find writers and support for the game.
  • I could work on the sex scenes and such, but not anything else.
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    The problem with all the sexual games devs is you act alone trying to do your own the thing is your trying to cater to an audience that loves porn and porn has many categories and different creative elements perhaps instead of trying to be unique. Be all you can be because theirs not one sex/erotic/text based sexy games I play religiously. That being said I love the thought of a sex game mmo or hell if you can make it Elder scrolls style I'd like that too. Besides most text games is based off of random stories and eventually it loops. adding pictures kept it fresher but still lacked basic enjoyability in the long run... meaning i played them thought they were good but got boring rather quickly. The guy developing this game might be a story writer for a bigger more lip biting bigger mmo based on erotic and sexual content. To sum it up quickly think about what could happen if you have a big sex game versus text and a few pictures. If i had the patience to learn unity thats what I'd be doing and man i have ideas!

    P.S. I know RLC and Second life exists but they are horrible the sex animations are trash and i seen better from flash games no joke!!!
  • So you are saying that it is free to play but unless somebody pays to get a key they can't even play the alpha?
  • @Bboy32 LEWD will be a free game. It's in alpha right now and paying is to support it and you get early access for that support.
  • I know you are probably sick of getting this question, is there a general idea of when the game will have a full public release?
  • @Crashtestben Sometime this year, I hope. But I'm not certain. Just whenever I feel it's ready for that.
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    what about a trailer for the game to get people hooked on it ?
    because i dont think people know about this game
    how can one know about something that for him doesn't even exist ???
  • Yeah, I plan to make a video soonish.
  • Is something wrong with the playlewd? Cuz of now when i press it and it brings me to the game but with a continue, and when click it nothing happens?
  • nvm got it working again. lol
  • Do you know what was wrong, @Kuzan?  Or did it just start working when you just refreshed and tried again?
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    will this one day be free to play with all content unlocked like trials in tainted space or? ahh never mind i finally found the faq sorry for that ignore/delete.
  • @ace62354 Yes. No problem.
  • How do I play the game? I became a patreon pledge, created an account and connected my accounts but it's still just says Conitnue and nothing happens when I click on it.
  • OK I decided to wait till the end of the month for my first patreon payment to go through because I thought that might be it but nope still cant play. What do I do? :S
  • @TheGreatBastion Hi there, Bastion. Can you explain the problem for me a little more? I can still access the server so things seem to be running.
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    How do I get access to the main server? Each time I try to play. it keeps saying
    "Could not connect

    Game server appears to be down."
    Is there some requirement that needs to be met or something? This game sounds very interesting, but still can't access it, so I can't find out if I'll like it or not... Please help....

    [EDIT] Never mind... Apparently I had to go to Manage Account and it told me that I needed a key. >->
  • Will there be a downloadable version? I don't have a stable internet connection so I get kicked from the server every couple of minutes, and with where I live stable internet is a myth..... lol.
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    @M3RKmanK, improvements for unstable connections are coming. A few in the next update, and more following that.  Just been busy with other stuff. :(
  • "LEWD is an upcoming, free-to-play, erotic text adventure game, currently in development." Sounds great! Only, I have one small problem, you say your game is 'free-to-play', but to play you need a key, and you can only get a key by pledging $1 to your Patreon. So, is that REALLY 'free-to-play'?
  • Erm.. you missed the "upcoming" right before that.  It is an upcoming, free-to-play game.  It's not free yet.  That should be plenty clear, really. o_o
  • I can understand Kappa's confusion, since the sentence can be read as "an upcoming AND free-to-play game" rather than "an upcoming [free-to-play game]" =) But how to phrase it to avoid such misunderstandings is way beyond me xD You're doing a great job! <3
  • [sigh] When I try to play all I get is the 'gray screen' saying "continue" and ..... nothing happens.Back in April it say's you were working on the server and it would be down for "a few days". Did it break? Is this game still active?
    I went to my account page and found a 'key'[that I can give to others]but nothing to help me be able to play.
    I will just wait a few months and check back then to see if anything is different[and see if able to play then].
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    @jakegershep yeah something broke on a Firefox update a few weeks back.  I was not really seeing info on it immediately after the update but I'm going to look into it again.

    edit: It seems that some Firefox addons like Adblock and Noscript are blocking cloudflare by default now?  It's used as a CDN for some dependencies.  Works fine for me after I whitelisted cloudflare. I'll have to add some help errors for this kind of stuff.
    It also seems like the star system isn't rendering in Firefox either now, though. :/
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