Which storylines are most 'complete'? (spoilers for some storylines)

Hey guys I'm new here and have been enjoying the game surprisingly well despite the fact that it's pre alpha. I just wanted to ask about the storyline with that researcher chick that gives you the handjob (forgot her name right now xD), can her story progress in different ways? I got to the point with the eggs and fertilization (kinda weird but I play along) I was sorta hoping I'd get to bang her tbh but I just wanted to see if anyone got different shit with her? Also that avian girl you help up the tree agreed to have a 'date' with me in which she'll make dinner from one of her eggs (kinda funny but she's cute) she said to come back to her in a week but I'm not sure how this is meant to progress exactly...


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    There would be more branching paths to make your own story. That's the idea. There just isn't the content there to make it happen. There is a way to bang Gail, though, it's just tricky. :p

    The progression would be real time, but 12x or 6x speed or something, so basically 14 hours later.  But since character's aren't saved, that'd be a bit pointless. And again, the content just isn't there, so I haven't added in a clock and day/night stuff either.  That's why I've been looking for writers the past 3 weeks.
  • I did in fact get that godlike blowjob from Gail. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I'll see if I can't write something to apply as a dev, could I write something in regards to already existing characters? Lia for example because I really want more hot steamy bunny romping with her. (Whether she likes it or not.)
  • You can write whatever you'd like that you think fits, whether a totally new thing in the verse or a continuation.
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