o know its sci-fi but hear me out...

how about something like a dragon???because who doesn't like dragons...especially alien dragons... when the game describes it it should say "you see something around your size or bigger (in distance/headed towards you/standing there) that seems to look like a mythical creature. to be specific you think it looks like a dragon"

just a suggestion...that would be a good one.

oh,and female, I guess a sex scene is a thing that goes with it to...why not all three ways(oral, vaginal, anal) for either character(it can change its own gender)??/ its something about the size of you so it wouldnt be too big for you character to put in/have something in....

and it would be nice to see something dragon like alien...

so in the end, its alien, but looks more dragon-ish, and... maybe its name could be Kiera??? always loved the names Kiero and Kiera...and Amity(which means friendship and peaceful harmony in Latin)

 - Have a nice day / night everyone :D! ! !


  • and just to brown nose a bit, its a good game too, even in its early stage, yes a bit clunky but it is an alpha game, its a very good one, i loved it, hell, when a game which i thought i would just do my thing in makes me more interested about the story than well, you know,it's VERY good.

     - Have a nice day / night everyone :D! ! !
  • Thanks.

    There most likely wouldn't be anything that's called a dragon. Nothing rooted in mythology like that. There might end up being things that resemble them in some way. I'm not sure.
  • Dragon-anthromorphs?
  • How about Dracari? Have them be the race of aliens that inspired the creation of "dragons" in mythology. Just a suggestion.
  • I actually do have an idea involving dragons.  You'll see it in the coming months. :3
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