Character Creator Critic

I like to think of myself as an avid game critic (constructive I hope) and I have some suggestions about the character creator, mostly the adjective/noun area. Now, I'd like to preface that I love the idea of it. Giving the players the opportunity to describe their character however they'd please, giving added depth to them and giving people like me the chance to flex their vocabulary. But, It needs to be streamlined. I've showed the game to a few of my friends who are also interested in games like this, and they were immediately turned off (pun intended) by the sight of seeing what seems like a hundred different things to tweak in the whole 'adjective/noun' area.

Take away a lot of unnecessary areas to detail (Every individual toe, finger. Ankles, biceps, kneecaps, nose etc.). Many of these are implied with things like legs, arms, and face. I.E. If you describe your arm as muscular, you won't be expecting a weak, flabby bicep. I understand that this is probably there for the niche cases when someone wants a toe-ring, knee brace or eyepatch. Which - if you're adamant in keeping it - you can put in some sort of drop down menu on them if you feel the need to add greater detail to your face; To maybe give your nose a piercing of some sort. But otherwise, I don't think it's necessary to be able to describe each finger, toe and sinew on your body.

Please keep developing the game, it seems very interesting and reminds me a lot of Trials in Tainted Space (which is not a bad thing). So I'm incredibly excited for whatever interesting, kinky things you'll add to it, especially since it's multiplayer.

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