Alpha test server is available to play on. Here's what's being worked on and what you should know

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You can access the test server at

Keep in mind that it's quite buggy now, missing stuff, and it may go down frequently as I'm working on things.

This is the test server us devs use, that you are getting to play on as a Patreon supporter.

In the future, after the "stable" public version is out, the test server will be restricted to the second tier backers ($15 per month) to just play the bleeding edge stuff, but for now all tiers may use it, even the $2 one.

What is being worked on first thing. This is not a complete list for this month.
  • The scenario "feedback" doesn't work. I'll get that fixed tomorrow.
  • PARSER_ERROR is mostly coming from some keys in scenes that would be parsed, but tons of that has changed and those keys were renamed, merged, etc.
    • This will take a bit. I need to refractor the content to mass-fix the content instead of going in one by one. I could spend a little time to just do that here, but I'd rather add something to the tool that is more general use to always have when I need to do stuff like this
  • Improved object instantiation. Currently only the player objects instance properly. There's a lot more possible sort of content possible if this is set up right. Going to take a few days to really get it working right and integrated with the dev tool, though.
  • Map editor for dev tool. Nothing you guys can see, but we need a map editor to help with making content. Again, something that'll take a few days.
  • Messaging and social stuff. I'll be adding private messaging, and maybe friends, for those that aren't playing solo.  Chat is actually broke at the time of writing this, but I'll fix that.
  • Fully working saves and character rerolling.
  • WebGL renderer sometimes crashes. Also need to add an alternate non-WebGL renderer for the solar system for potato computers.
Major known bugs:
  • A few things don't work correctly because they aren't properly a private instance for the player, and instead something shared between players.
  • PARSER_ERROR comes up quite a bit.
  • Sometimes things parsed starting with ', ".
  • Lots of stuff is incomplete with character saving. Items disappear, quest progress, etc. Just basic stuff is saved right now.
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